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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Explodes In 9-1 Win Over Providence

Skarupa's hat trick leads BC to 16-0-0

BC Athletics

Sixteen games into the 2014-2015 BC Women's Hockey season, the Eagles had scored double digit goals three times, averaging 5.81 goals per game -- tops in the nation at the time.

This year's Eagles haven't quite scored at that clip, "only" racking up 5.38 goals per game (2nd in the country) and haven't scored double digits in a game yet. But Wednesday afternoon, the Eagles did produce their highest goal output of the season in a brutal 9-1 rout of the Providence College Friars.

Boston College Goal #1: 4:40 of the 1st period
Makenna Newkirk (Dana Trivigno, Kristyn Capizzano)

BC 1, PC 0

If you'd believe it, the Eagles started out flat footed against the Friars, and BC's first goal was against the run of play. But the goal came as a result of some hard skating by the 2nd line and was well deserved.

Capizzano takes the original shot, but it's Newkirk in the right place at the right time. From this point on, the ice was firmly tilted in BC's favor.

Boston College Goal #2 (GWG): 10:21 of the 1st period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 2, PC 0

This is Game #2 with last year's Kent-Carpenter-Skarupa "superline" reunited, and they put together some great plays. On this goal, Carpenter gathers the puck at the blue line and skates in and is kept along the boards pretty nicely by the PC defender. But she's able to thread a pass back to Skarupa in front of the net, and Skarupa buries it.

Providence really didn't do anything wrong defending this play. It was great execution by BC's stars.

Boston College Goal #3: 4:03 of the 2nd period
Alex Carpenter (Haley Skarupa, Megan Keller)

BC 3, PC 0

Okay, PC could have done better on this one.

At first glance it looks like Carpenter is allowed to just skate in all alone on PC goaltender Madison Myers, but what happens is maybe even worse.

What a mess for the Friars. #12 Kenzie Kent leads the charge and there are two Friars with her. Those Friars get knotted up like a rope at a Boy Scout convention and trip all over themselves, leaving the best player in the country as much room as she wants to skate in and shoot.

Spoiler alert! She doesn't miss.

Boston College Goal #4 (PPG): 5:38 of the 2nd period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Megan Keller)

BC 4, PC 0

BC was held scoreless on the powerplay against Northeastern, but the Eagles got right to business on Wednesday, scoring just 18 seconds into their first man advantage of the night.

It's nothing fancy -- just a shot from up top looking for a deflection -- but the key here is that the Eagles aren't taking the shot from Revere. Both of Providence's defenders at the top of the slot collapse in toward the net, and Carpenter just takes what they give her.

By the time she shoots, she's almost all the way to the hashmarks, and it's a much, much better scoring opportunity. She takes the wrist shot, Skarupa gets the tip, and it's 4-0.

Boston College Goal #5 (SHG): 6:53 of the 2nd period
Kristyn Capizzano (Dana Trivigno, Kaliya Johnson)

BC 5, PC 0

BC scored on the next penalty as well -- this time, their own.

Right off the faceoff, Trivigno goes hard to the net one-on-one with Capizzano coming in for support. Myers makes the initial stop, but Capizzano's second wave effort gets it past her, giving BC a five goal lead and giving Myers the rest of the afternoon off.

Boston College Goal #6: 19:59.1 of the 2nd period
Meghan Grieves (Tori Sullivan, Grace Bizal)

BC 6, PC 0

New PC goalie Alanna Serviss didn't fare much better. She kept BC off the scoresheet for about half a period, but it was only a matter of time.

Unfortunately for her, BC scored with under a second left in the period to take away any confidence she might have had.

There are a bunch of black shirts around the net, but with time running out, Sullivan wisely just throws it out front and hopes for the best. "The best" is exactly what happens. Grieves parks herself right at the top of the crease and Sullivan's pass gets there at the split second that the Friar Sea parts, and Grieves has her choice of shot to beat Serviss for the touchdown.

Providence College Goal #1 (PPG): 1:41 of the 3rd period
Cassidy Carels (Christina Putigna, Brooke Boquist)

BC 6, PC 1

BC's penalty kill has gone from a great strength to a major concern in a very short amount of time.

After starting the season a perfect 35 for 35 on the penalty kill, BC has allowed 4 goals in its last 18 penalty kill opportunities, a 22.2% clip that is 23rd in the country (out of 35 teams) in that stretch.

PC's only goal comes on the power play. It's a simple shot from Carels that finds its way all the way through to Gabri Switaj. It's hard to pin this goal on Switaj given BC's recent struggles shorthanded. Hopefully the Eagles can get that PK cleaned up.

Boston College Goal #7 (HT): 8:04 of the 3rd period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 7, PC 1

BC's prettiest goal of the night was good for a hat trick for Haley Skarupa. Carpenter receives the pass at the blue line, in one stride is going full speed into the PC end, and all of a sudden it's a 2 on 1.

The PC defender opts to disrupt the pass rather than the player, which is a mistake. The pass finds its way through to Skarupa, who finishes off the one-timer.

Boston College Goal #8: 12:52 of the 3rd period
Haley McLean (Molly Slowe, Ryan Little)

BC 8, PC 1

One of the reasons BC seems to blowing teams out less than they were last year is that Coach Crowley likes to give the fourth line a lot of minutes once the game is out of hand. Last year's Grieves-McLean-Doherty combination was more of a scoring threat (they combined to score 15 goals on the season), so with the fourth line struggling to find the back of the net this season, that's contributed to BC "taking their foot off the gas," so to speak.

It's important to remember, though, that that fourth line had a lot of experience. Doherty was a 5th year senior, Grieves was a junior and is now producing with the 2nd and 3rd lines, depending on the pairings, and even McLean was a sophomore.

This season, four of the five skaters (Molly Slowe, Ryan Little, Serena Sommerfield, and Kathleen McNamara) who have shared time on the fourth line are freshmen. Haley McLean is the "grizzled veteran" as a junior, but there's a lot of inexperience on that line this early in the season.

But finally, 16 games in, the fourth line has gotten its first points of the season. Haley McLean gets the rebound goal, but it's Ryan Little who powers her way into the slot to create the chance that results in the goal.

The fourth line played monster minutes in this game, particularly in the third period, and they were really knocking on the door. Hopefully the goal gets the proverbial monkey off their back.

Are we done yet? Seriously.

Boston College Goal #9: 17:20 of the 3rd period
Kenzie Kent (Grace Bizal, Haley Skarupa)

BC 9, PC 1 -- FINAL

There's not too much going on with this goal. Both teams are kind of skating to the final whistle at this point.

Bizal winds up for a slapshot into traffic just to send it toward the net. Kent is the lucky one to find the puck pinball to her stick, and that's that.

BC gets a very short Thanksgiving break, and hopefully they don't fill up with too much turkey. Game #2 against Northeastern is Saturday afternoon, and despite the Huskies' pair of losses to BC and Harvard this week, they remain the toughest opponent the Eagles will face in Hockey East. Northeastern pushed BC to the brink last weekend, and a win won't come any easier on the road at Matthews Arena.