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2016 NCAA Women's Hockey Pairwise Predictor


BC Athletics

Welcome to the 2016 NCAA Women's Hockey Pairwise Predictor! Using this tool, you can play around with the results of the 2015-2016 women's hockey season and see its effect on the Pairwise Rankings.

When it's conference tournament time, check back to find the Tournament Predictor: You'll be able to enter your predicted results for the conference tournaments in an easy-to-use bracket setup and see the resulting Pairwise Rankings. You can see last year's version here.

Simple instructions to get you started:

  1. To edit game results, go into the "D1 Results" tab. You'll see a line for every game of the season. You can edit the score for any past game(s), or enter a score for any future game(s). 

  2. Once you've changed your results in "D1 Results," pull up the PWR tab to see the resulting PWR.
And that's it!

A few notes and tips:
  • Score margin doesn't matter, of course—only win/lose/tie.
  • To remove results, you need to double click on the cells with scores in them and delete everything in the cell for both team's scores. The sheet reads non-blanks as a score: for example, two blanks is "no game," but two [space]'s will be read as a 0-0 tie.
  • To add a game, just add a line in "D1 Results" like the rest of the lines, but make sure you spell each team name exactly the same as the rest.
  • Actual game results do not update automatically—but I will be periodically updating them roughly each night after they happen. The spreadsheet will then update with the new results if you refresh the page.
  • Once you change results in the "D1 Results" tab and switch over to the "PWR" tab, give it a second. The results will update, but not instantaneously.
If you have any questions, comments, or bugs to report, I can be reached at grant dot salzano at gmail dot com.