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CONFIRMED: Despite The Snow, Women's Beanpot On Tuesday Is GAME ON

Break out your snowshoes!

BC Athletics

Despite Harvard closing for the second day in a row due to the snowstorm, the University has confirmed that Tuesday's playing of the 2015 Women's Beanpot will be played as scheduled.

#1 BC will take on #4 Harvard in the championship game at 7:30pm at the Bright Hockey Center. Boston College is putting together a fan bus for students to get to the event, which is the perfect remedy for that cabin fever everyone is starting to experience on campus.

#6 Boston University will take on Northeastern in the undercard at 4:30pm, also at Harvard.

The status of the game was up in the air all night due to the parking bans, school closures, and MBTA closure taking place tomorrow, but the game will be played as scheduled.

Make sure you find a way to get to Harvard tomorrow to watch the undefeated Eagles defend their crown!