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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Records Comeback Win Over Northeastern In Beanpot Semifinals

Another close win, but the Eagles advance to the Beanpot championship

BC Athletics

The men couldn't quite solve Northeastern on Tuesday night, but at least one of the Boston College teams will be playing for a trophy next week.

It was another close game for the Boston College women's hockey team, but the Eagles did just enough to earn the 3-1 victory over the Huskies and advanced to next week's Beanpot title game.

Northeastern Goal #1: 7:52 of the 2nd period
McKenna Brand (Tori Hickel, Heather Mottau)

NU 1, BC 0

Yet another head-scratching lack of offense out of BC, particularly in outshooting their opponent so heavily like they've done in every game.

This goal for Northeastern came just after a magnificent save from Burt.

The Huskies played a really, really good game against the Eagles. They fought really hard and had their share of chances, and it was mostly through execution rather than from BC having a bad turnover or making a mistake.

This goal is a good example. When this GIF starts, the eventual goal scorer is way to the left of the frame, skating in like a bat out of hell through a couple of Eagles who aren't anticipating that kind of speed up the middle. Hickel, the puck carrier, sees her flying in and drops back a pass with great timing. There are three Eagles around her when she drops the pass back and none of them can react quickly enough for the skater coming in.

Brand gathers it in and shoots it through Burt, and BC fans start feeling some deja vu.

Boston College Goal #1 (4v4): 17:16 of the 2nd period
Emily Field (Emily Pfalzer)

BC 1, NU 1

Just like this weekend's game against Providence, BC manages to pull out the tying goal very late in the 2nd period.

I have to admit, when Field takes this shot I'm wondering why in the hell she's even bothering. It seems like such a low-quality chance without much benefit. There is a BC skater coming in hard to the net, presumably looking for either a pass or a rebound, but there isn't even much of a screen to hope that the goalie misplays it.

Instead, what happens is the shot takes a funky bounce off the one Northeastern defender between Field and the net, and poor Desjardins gets beat seemingly out of nowhere.

Boston College Goal #2 (GWG): 11:29 of the 3rd period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 2, NU 1

BC waited a little longer than necessary to finally take the lead in this game. Carpenter wins a nice one on one battle for the puck and finds Skarupa who is pretty well marked. Skarupa makes a cut back move and gets the Husky defender all crossed up, moves to the center of the ice, and fires off a rocket to put BC ahead for good.


Boston College Goal #3 (ENG): 19:36 of the 3rd period
Andie Anastos (Unassisted)

BC 3, NU 1 -- FINAL

Shout out to Anastos for the pretty empty netter, getting around a diving Husky and dipsy-doodling past the last one on her way to the net.

This game wasn't all that great for BC, but it was better. NU really brought it. The Eagles are a young team -- especially on defense -- and they are adjusting to teams throwing different types of pressure at them. The last few games have featured teams really clogging up the middle of the ice and hoping to block shots. It's worked for now, but there's hope that with some more games BC can adjust.

Next up for BC is their Beanpot sandwich game at home Friday night against UConn. Then next Tuesday, the Eagles take on Harvard (who absolutely pasted BU in their semifinal) for the Beanpot title.