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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Rebounds With Strong Win Over Maine

Eagles claim Hockey East regular season title with 3 games to spare

BC Athletics

With Tuesday's loss to Harvard still stinging, the Eagles hosted Maine on Friday night looking to kick off a new winning streak. They started slowly, but improved dramatically as the game went on and trounced the Black Bears by a score of 6-0 to clinch the Hockey East regular season championship.

Six different Eagles found the scoresheet in this one. Let's go to the videotape.

Boston College Goal #1 (GWG): 9:48 of the 1st period
Dana Trivigno (Toni Ann Miano, Kristyn Capizzano)

BC 1, Maine 0

Maine started out with a pretty good game plan against BC and actually possessed the puck for good stretches in the first, but the wheels totally came off once BC scored its first goal midway through the first.

Kristin Gilmour, #29 for Maine, is on their third defensive pairing and doesn't do much to prevent this goal. It's a 3 on 2 for BC but she doesn't really defend anyone or even meaningfully cut off space.

Trivigno is skating hard to the net on this goal and Miano finds her. It's a really nice tip in for Trivigno and the Eagles are on the board.

BC kicked off almost 30 minutes of vintage play—not really in a good way, though. A ton of shots but not much scoring. The shots in the game were 45-9 but it felt like they weren't doing much with the possession. But that would change as BC started to find its groove at the end of the 2nd period.

Boston College Goal #2: 17:37 of the 2nd period
Kenzie Kent (Alex Carpenter, Haley Skarupa)

BC 2, Maine 0

Now that's the Alex Carpenter we know and love.

After getting a point in every single game this season, Carpenter was absent from the scoresheet entirely in the last two games—more than a little bit concerning for the player currently leading the race for the Patty Kazmaier Award for the top player in women's college hockey.

But she makes this goal happen with some impressive strength on the puck. It could be argued that a penalty on Maine was deserved for all the stickwork—and had Carpenter gone down, you might have seen one—but she stays with it and dishes over to Kent who is there to chip in the finish.

Boston College Goal #3: 0:50 of the 3rd period
Toni Ann Miano (Kenzie Kent, Alex Carpenter)

BC 3, Maine 0

There's no denying that BC got some better puck luck on Friday than they did against Harvard. BC made plays like this all evening against the Crimson but couldn't end up setting anything up.

That's Carpenter opting to throw the puck out front into traffic—never a bad idea—and the puck bounces around before finding Miano's stick. She makes a little shimmy to open up a lane and by then she's shooting from between the circles, right where you want to be. She fires home her second of the season to put BC up 3-0.

Boston College Goal #4: 2:14 of the 3rd period
Kali Flanagan (Dana Trivigno)

BC 4, Maine 0

What to make of this goal. Bad goaltending? Rocket of a shot? Screen? Tip?

I don't think it was tipped (and neither does the box score). It was definitely a hell of a shot from the point by Flanagan. It looks like the goalie saw it the whole way, too. Should Treacy have saved it? Maybe.

But I don't hate this shot whether it finds the back of the net or not. BC is sending players to the front of the net looking for a rebound and had there been one, they at least would have had a chance to score on their own.

It's a goal either way, and BC's up 4-0.

Boston College Goal #5 (PPG): 7:54 of the 3rd period
Haley Skarupa (Dana Trivigno, Alex Carpenter)

BC 5, Maine 0

BC finally scores on what had been sort of a struggling power play.

So many goals from last night's game came from right down in the slot, which is really great to see. That's where BC made all their magic happen earlier in the season and it's a big key to their offense.

Carpenter is quarterbacking this power play but it's Trivigno who finds Skarupa for the goal. It's not even that badly defended down low by Maine, but rather a nice job by Skarupa to find herself just enough space and keep her stick on the ice to find the pass and deflect it in. Nice work.

Boston College Goal #6: 19:52 of the 3rd period
Haley McLean (Meghan Grieves, Danielle Doherty)

BC 6, Maine 0 -- FINAL

BC has 16 goals scored in the last minute of a period, good for tops in the country. The craziest part about that stat is that 6 of those goals have come with less than 10 seconds remaining in a period. It's been a BC hallmark this year to finish periods strong, which could come in handy come tournament time.

It's the 4th line getting in on the action on this goal with the game well in hand. Coach Crowley seems to have shortened the bench in the 2nd half and you almost wonder whether that is part of the reason for BC's lower scoring totals. It's a bit paradoxical though—when the fourth line plays, BC looks really good, but a lot of the time the fourth line is playing because BC looks good and is blowing out its opponent.

You love to see the effort on this goal though, with BC peppering Treacy with four shots, the last one finally getting past her, to give BC the touchdown.

Secondary scoring is no longer a problem for BC, with players other than Skarupa-Carpenter-Kent getting on the scoresheet in bunches lately. Carpenter was involved a lot more today, putting together 3 assists, which is a huge reason for BC looking good in this game.

BC laces up the skates this afternoon to wrap up the weekend against Maine, before next week's home-and-home with BU to wrap up the regular season.