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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Shuts Out Vermont, Sweeps Weekend

Eagles score first empty net goal of the season

BC Athletics

When you're scoring six goals per game, scoring only six goals in a weekend might feel like something of a disappointment.

But as was the case in Sunday's 2-0 win for the undefeated BC women's hockey team over the Vermont Catamounts, sometimes you just need to tip your cap to a goaltender who keeps her team in the game.

BC came out of the gates absolutely en fuego. The first period shot count of 17-1 barely does justice how much the Eagles were taking it to the Catamounts. Vermont's one shot came about 15 minutes into the game and was a distant dump in shot from the blue line that Katie Burt covered easily.

It was so bad that on Vermont's first period power play, the Eagles were attacking the Catamounts in their own end for the entire first 1:05 of the kill.

Vermont's Madison Litchfield played what could have been the game of her career. If you take a look at Vermont's YouTube video from the game, it's basically a Madison Litchfield highlight reel.

It wasn't until more than halfway through the game that BC was finally able to break through.

Boston College Goal #1 (GWG): 12:11 of the 2nd period
Meghan Grieves (Toni Ann Miano, Danielle Doherty)

BC 1, UVM 0

In years past where BC would wildly outshoot an opponent (and BC certainly did that Sunday afternoon, racking up a 51-13 advantage on Vermont), BC would largely just be shooting the puck but lacking in real scoring chances.

That wasn't the case in this game. BC rarely takes shots without a purpose this season. In this play, Doherty, who makes the initial play, doesn't shoot it right at the net (although she probably could have and gotten off a good chance with Grieves putting up a great screen on the goalie).

Instead she passes it over to Miano, who is wide open with the whole net to shoot at because Litchfield thinks the puck is actually coming in on net.

Miano misfires on the one-timer but Grieves is there to swipe the puck through, finally giving BC the lead.

The third period was once again all Madison Litchfield, who made saves like this pretty much from the drop of the puck.

I mean... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Despite holding onto a one goal lead, BC kept on the attack, which is great to see for people who hate sitting back in a prevent defense, although Vermont did manage to put together a couple of decent chances because of BC sending defensemen down low so often.

But when all was said and done, BC would hold on and put the game away.

Boston College Goal #2 (ENG): 19:30 of the 3rd period
Kenzie Kent (Alex Carpenter, Lexi Bender)

BC 2, UVM 0 -- FINAL

It's worth noting that this is BC's first empty net goal of the season, simply because they've been blowing away everyone they play.

Does Kent lose the handle on this puck or does she not really want to be the one to score BC's first empty-netter? We'll give her the benefit of the doubt on this needlessly fancy spin-o-rama (I'm certainly not complaining; I think it's pretty funny).

2-0 is the final, and paired with Saturday's 4-0 win against these same Catamounts, a largely unimpressive win from a box score perspective. But BC should be very proud of their defense. They locked down pretty well for the most part, despite their style of play sending defensemen in deep.

This was the first weekend back for Katie Burt, fresh off her gold-medal-winning performances against Canada in the U18 World Championships, and she certainly didn't disappoint. Cool, collected, and confident—particularly for a 17-year-old freshman—she is quickly becoming one of the elite goaltenders in college hockey, 2nd in the nation in both GAA (0.93, lol) and save % (.951).

Next up for BC is a critical out-of-conference weekend against two ECAC teams. On Saturday, BC faces its highest ranked opponent of the season, 3rd-ranked Quinnipiac, whose goaltender Chelsea Laden is putting up video game numbers in net with a 0.78 GAA and 12 (!!!!!!!!!) shutouts. Monday, BC will host Princeton, a team BC has tied approximately 93 times in the last 8 seasons.