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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Torches Northeastern, 9-1

Eagles win 20th game of the year

Erin Kickham celebrates her first career goal with Emily Pfalzer
Erin Kickham celebrates her first career goal with Emily Pfalzer
Arthur Bailin, The Heights

After Wednesday's brutal (and too close for comfort) 4-3 win over BU, a big weekend was just what the doctor ordered for Boston College.

Sunday afternoon, Northeastern came to Conte Forum to complete the second half of a home-and-home weeked (BC won Saturday 7-3), and the Eagles blew the doors off, scoring early and often on their way to a 9-1 thumping of the Huskies.

Boston College Goal #1: 2:07 of the 1st period
Megan Keller (Kristyn Capizzano, Andie Anastos)

BC 1, NU 0

This game went BC's way from the very beginning. Keller is fed the puck at the point by Capizzano and just lets loose with a cannon of a shot that gets through everybody clean to the net and past Desjardins.

I'm not going to bother to keep track of who was in net from here on. As you can see from the box score, Northeastern's goaltenders had a bad time:

Anyway, this is going to get ugly, so let's just keep rolling through these.

Boston College Goal #2 (GWG): 3:02 of the 1st period
Alex Carpenter (Unassisted)

BC 2, NU 0

Carpenter does it herself, but what terrible job of defending by Tori Hickel, #55 for Northeastern. This game isn't out of hand (yet) but she just gets torched by Carpenter going to the net.

Once Carpenter gets by, it's her against the goalie, and Carpenter wins.

Boston College Goal #3: 9:18 of the 1st period
Danielle Doherty (Kristyn Capizzano, Emily Pfalzer)

BC 3, NU 0

BC scored them all kinds of different ways on Sunday, and this was one of them—not unlike one of the men's team's goals on Saturday. An initial sot to the net, big scrum, someone gets a stick on it to someone who gets another stick on it and it slides through the crease to an open player, Doherty, who puts it home.

Boston College Goal #4: 14:21 of the 1st period
Kate Leary (Lexi Bender, Tori Sullivan)

BC 4, NU 0

Another goal similar to one of the goals from Saturday's men's game. Leary, much like Matheson, skated in on the left side and made a bit of a move to change the angle. She cuts in for a better angle, unlike Matheson, and gets off a pretty decent shot. Desjardins or Foss or Empty Net or whoever was in goal for Northeastern gets beat...and we're not done!

Boston College Goal #5: 19:32 of the 1st period
Kate Leary (Toni Ann Miano, Kaliya Johnson)

BC 5, NU 0

Here's another deep shot from the blue line, but this time the puck is tipped on its way in. NU Goalie has no chance, and that wrapped up a period where BC took three penalties and still scored 5 goals.

Just another day at the office.

Boston College Goal #6: 4:41 of the 2nd period
Emily Pfalzer (Haley Skarupa, Kenzie Kent)

BC 6, NU 0

Emily Pfalzer is back!

Pfalzer missed Saturday's game after taking a brutal hit from BU's Kayla Tutino on Wednesday, but was back on the ice and apparently fully healthy. Skarupa makes this play happen by skating in and drawing a bunch of defenders onto her. Pfalzer hangs out wide, takes the pass, and gets absolutely all of it past Whichever Northeastern Goaltender Is Playing At The Time.

Boston College Goal #7 (PPG): 7:53 of the 2nd period
Meghan Grieves (Erin Kickham, Emily Pfalzer)

BC 7, NU 0

Another goal from a similar spot, but this time after some really nice passing. Grieves gets the party started with the pass out to Pfalzer. This is the kind of puck movement you want to see on the power play: quick passes through the open lanes leading to an open shot in a good location.

Like Pfalzer on goal #6, Grieves doesn't miss. Of note, this was the first career point for senior Erin Kickham. This isn't the last we'll see of her.

Northeastern Goal #1: 9;04 of the 2nd period
Denisa Křížová (Halle Silva, Heather Mottau)

BC 7, NU 1

BC couldn't pitch the shutout. Northeastern managed to score a goal once the game was completely out of hand, on the power play. Krizova-with-four-accents just skates right on in and backhands it past Taylor Blake, who made her first two career starts this weekend and did an admirable job in her spot starts for freshman Katie Burt.

Blake not only allowed just one goal tonight (and 3 on a whopping 37 shots on Saturday), but she looked confident and did a really great job controlling rebounds.

Boston College Goal #8: 19:33 of the 2nd period.
Meghan Grieves (Lexi Bender, Megan Keller)

Well this is pretty similar to goal #6 for BC, isn't it? Wow. That are pretty much the exact same play, with the exact same passing lane, to the exact same shooter, who gets the exact same booming shot on the puck.

Time to put this baby to bed.

Boston College Goal #9: 0:46 of the 3rd period
Erin Kickham (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 9, NU 1 – FINAL

Great passing. BC moved the puck very well in this game, and man oh man did they shoot well in this game.

Meet Erin Kickham. Kickham is a senior on the roster and, before Sunday, hadn't yet registered a point in her BC career. That changed tonight with a 1-1--2 line. Kickham absolutely lowers the boom on this blast that probably would have gone through the goalie if she had been in the way.

That wrapped up quite a night for BC. Next up is a two game set in Burlington against the Vermont Catamounts next weekend, where BC will look to extend their 18-game winning streak, 21-game unbeaten streak, and perfect record in Hockey East.