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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Tops Northeastern for Three Point Weekend

Unbeaten streak extended to 7 games

After last night's tie to Northeastern, BC really needed tonight's win. Things are getting pretty clustered in the Hockey East standings and in the Pairwise, and BC needed to extend the unbeaten streak to stay in the thick of things.

Once again, the Eagles came through. BC rode some great special teams play, including a power play goal (!), and dropped Northeastern by a score of 4-2.

Northeastern Goal #1: 8:40 of the 1st period
Torin Snydeman (Mike Szmatula, Zach Aston-Reese)

NU 1, BC 0

Just like Friday, it was Northeastern that got on the board first. This time, much earlier in the game.

It's sloppy goal for the Huskies. Szmatula throws the puck over to Snydeman and Demko can't get over to the other post in time. Snydeman just kind of tosses the puck out front at Demko's pads and it squeaks over the line to give Northeastern the early lead.

Unlike Friday, there would be no late-game heart attack for BC to climb back into the game.

Boston College Goal #1: 18:03 of the 1st period
Michael Matheson (Teddy Doherty, Adam Gilmour)

BC 1, NU 1

Pretty typical BC here with the defensemen creating the offense. Teddy Doherty is involved, of course, with the initial pass that hits Matheson in stride.

The TV guys on NESN made a point of saying about 30 times how Matheson faked a shot and got Witt out of position (seriously, they said it over and over again for some reason), but that's really not the case. Matheson does fake a shot but the defenseman doesn't really bite, and Witt doesn't really bite either and has plenty of time to get back into position for the shot.

Matheson takes the wrister and just flat-out beats the goaltender, surprising both Witt and everyone in the seats at Conte.

Boston College Goal #2: 18:55 of the 1st period
Chris Calnan (Steve Santini, Quinn Smith)

BC 2, NU 1

God bless whoever was tasked with assigning the points on this goal. Sit takes the initial shot but doesn't get an assist. Then just about everyone else on the ice probably touches it at some point, before it finally ends up with Calnan who chips it over Witt, who's taking a nap.

Seriously, watch this GIF while focusing on Witt. It's pretty funny.

Two goals in quick succession gave BC the lead into the locker room, but they weren't done.

Boston College Goal #3 (SHG, GWG): 8:43 of the 2nd period
Chris Calnan (Noah Hanifin)

BC 3, NU 1

Northeastern has an excellent power play—they were 7th in the nation going into this game at about 22%, which was after starting the year 0 for its first 18—but the BC penalty kill showed up to play.

This is a lucky goal, with Calnan just throwing the puck in off Witt's pad, but the larger point was that BC had more chances than Northeastern on several of the power plays. The Huskies had 7 power plays, including two separate 5 on 3 opportunities, one of which was for a full two minutes, and BC not only kept Northeastern scoreless, but put in one of their own. Very impressive.

To the third we went, and late in the period, Northeastern gave BC a brief scare.

Northeastern Goal #2: 13:26 of the 3rd period
Ryan Rosenthal (Trevor Owens, John Stevens)

BC 3, NU 2

Tough rebound on Demko. The Huskies take a long shot from the blue line through a screen of about 4 players. Demko sees it well enough to kick out the leg, but Rosenthal has the reflexes to smack home the goal on the doorstep.

Scary moment for sure, but the bad feelings wouldn't last.

Boston College Goal #4 (PPG): 14:40 of the 3rd period
Adam Gilmour (Zach Sanford, Noah Hanifin)

BC 4, NU 2 -- FINAL

A power play goal (woo!) and just a tic-tac-toe beauty that looked absolutely effortless.

Part of the reason it looked effortless was the Northeastern defender between Sanford and Gilmour. Stick up off the ice, gliding in, not really doing much to break up the play, and it cost them. Sanford found Gilmour pretty easily through the passing lane and Gilmour had a ton of net to shoot at. He throws it in with about 20% effort, putting BC back up by 2 and putting the game away.

Now BC moves on to another two big Hockey East games next weekend, starting Friday night at Boston University. BU has looked a bit vulnerable lately, and BC typically plays very well at Agganis, so it might not be a bad matchup for the Eagles. As we say after every game lately, this coming weekend's games are huge.