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Women's Hockey Recruiting Class One Of Nation's Best

We've got lady people!

Boston College Athletics

Returning American Hero Alex Carpenter is going to have quite the supporting cast in this upcoming women's hockey season.

Head Coach Katie Crowley has put together one of the best recruiting classes in the nation for the 2014-2015 season. The updated roster at now shows the incoming freshmen, and five of them were members of the silver-medal winning USA U18 team in Budapest. No other team in the country -- including powerhouse Minnesota -- has as many national team players in their incoming class.

BC's class officially has 6 incoming freshman, but as we posted earlier today, a 7th will be on the roster come September.

  • Katie Burt, G (USA U18s) -- the one name missing from the roster, Burt was a goalie on the U18 team. The other goalie on that team is a future BU recruit.
  • Gabri Switaj, G (Culver Academy) -- Switaj may not have been on Team USA, but she boasts an impressive pedigree as a 4 year starter at Culver Academy and 4 year attendee of national team camp. She and Burt will battle Taylor Blake for the starting role.
  • Toni Ann Miano, D (USA U18s) -- Miano is another member of the U18 team, was also a captain at the North American Hockey Academy (NAHA) and was last year's Junior Women's Hockey Academy Defensemen of the Year.
  • Kenzie Kent, F (USA U18s) -- Kent was a two time USA U18 member, playing in both Finland and Hungary. She also plays for BC women's Lacrosse.
  • Kali Flanagan, D (National Sports Academy) -- Flanagan is the only skater not to have been on the USA U18 team, but by all accounts it seems like it might have been a snub. She was on the 28-player roster for the 2012 USA Hockey August festival and, like Switaj, is a 4-time attendee of national team camp.
  • Tori Sullivan, F (USA U18s) -- Starting to sound like a broken record now, but Sullivan was on the U18 team and attended national development camp for four years. She also won a national championship with her club team, Honeybaked, in 2011.
  • Megan Keller, F (USA U18s) -- A teammate of Sullivan's on Honeybaked, Keller also won the national championship in 2011, and also was on the USA U18 team. She was also a four time scholar athlete in three different sports in high school.
With the incoming freshmen joining Returning American Hero Alex Carpenter on a team that ran away with the Hockey East regular season title, the Eagles have, on paper, one of the best teams they've ever assembled. They'll need to put it together on the ice, but it already looks like the 2014-2015 season will be an exciting one.