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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Dominates, Shuts Out Providence

Three different Eagles scored their first goals of the season.

Todd Huxley Smith

Providence women's hockey is pretty bad. They came into the weeked 0-7-1 and didn't score their first goal until their 5th game of the year. Needless to say, BC entered the night hoping for a dominating win, and they didn't disappoint. The 2nd ranked Eagles shut out the Friars and rolled to an 8-0 victory.

Pretty much everything went according to plan in this one.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG, GWG): 4:03 of the 1st period
Emily Field (Emily Pfalzer, Megan Keller)

BC 1, PC 0

It didn't take long at all for the Eagles to get on the board. BC does a great job moving the puck around on the power play -- almost too well as Field doesn't really seem to get much of a swing on the puck. But with that puck movement the Friars can't really move around to play anybody and are mostly confined to their defensive spot. The puck eventually makes it to Field and the puck ping-pongs in for the early BC lead.

Boston College Goal #2: 10:42 of the 1st period
Emily Field (Toni Ann Miano, Andie Anastos)

BC 2, PC 0

All kinds of traffic in front of the net for BC with not just two white jerseys, but two Friars as well clogging up the view for PC goalie Allie Morse. She gets all twisted up and somehow manages to spin herself around and face the goal. Not good. Field gathers the puck in and slips it past her, and it's 2-0 Eagles.

That was it for the first period. Providence didn't get their first shot on goal until well past the halfway point of the period.


Boston College Goal #3: 11:38 of the 2nd period
Toni Ann Miano (Alex Carpenter, Dana Trivigno)

BC 3, PC 0

This is what happens when you're consistently able to beat the defense to the net. Miano is a full body length in front of the defender and she's able to pretty much walk in alone. Carpenter puts the pass right on her stick, and Miano doesn't miss.

Time to open the floodgates.

Boston College Goal #4: 13:15 of the 2nd period
Tori Sullivan (Lexi Bender, Kate Leary)

BC 4, PC 0


Tori Sullivan has been electric so far to start her BC career but has somehow been kept off the scoresheet. Bender wins the battle along the boards and Sullivan carries the puck in. The Providence defender wants no part of it and basically turns away from the play. Sullivan picks the corner for the nice goal, the first of her BC career.

Boston College Goal #5: 15:30 of the 2nd period
Alex Carpenter (Haley Skarupa, Dana Trivigno)

BC 5, PC 0

Another battle along the boards, this time won by Carpenter. Trivigno is just all by her lonesome on the other side of the slot and takes a great shot off Carpenter's pass. The PC tender can't gather it in and Carpenter has a tap-in on an empty net.

We're not done!

Boston College Goal #6: 16:43 of the 2nd period
Haley McLean (Meghan Grieves, Toni Ann Miano)

BC 6, PC 0

All 5 Eagles have a hand in this one -- Keller to Kent to Miano to Grieves in front of the net, and McLean is there for the tap-in. They sure like to share.

Whew, were you able to keep up with that onslaught? For those keeping track at home, that was 4 goals in 5:05. They have a habit of doing that.

Boston College Goal #7: 6:10 of the 3rd period
Tori Sullivan (Kenzie Kent)

BC 7, PC 0

Oh hey an extra point, go us!

As of the writing of this article, Bender hasn't been credited with an assist, but that should change. She makes it all happen on this goal, fighting off a Friar and dropping the puck back to Kent who takes a couple of strides into the center of the ice and fires off a shot. Another pretty bad rebound off the PC goalie, and Sullivan is there to put away the dirty laundry.

Boston College Goal #8: 7:09 of the 3rd period
Alex Carpenter (Haley Skarupa, Dana Trivigno)

BC 8, PC 0 -- FINAL

Oh, so we didn't kick the extra point. I see what you did there, Eagles.

Another battle along the boards, and another battle battle won by BC. Trivino comes in to pick up the free puck and leads Carpenter beautifully for the one timer. The goalie has no chance, the 2 point conversion successful, and BC dropkicks PC.

BC heads down to Providence tomorrow for the second half of the home-and-home with the Friars, but they will be short several players. Alex Carpenter (F), Haley Skarupa (F), Dana Trivigno (F), Emily Pfalzer (D), and Megan Keller (D), all head up to Canada for the Four Nations tournament with the U.S. National Team. They will miss the PC game tomorrow, and Northeastern game and possibly the Vermont game next weekend. Fortunately, the Eagles have depth that a lot of teams can't match and will have a good chance to come out of the two week stretch unscathed.