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GOAL BY GOAL: #3 BC Women's Hockey Sweeps #5 Cornell

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Eagles take a pair of 6-2 victories over the Big Red

The 3rd ranked BC women's hockey team came into the weekend undefeated, but they hadn't yet faced a real elite opponent. That changed with the two game home set against the #5 Cornell Big Red.

The Eagles were up to the challenge. After Friday's dominating 6-2 win, BC picked up where they left off with another 6-2 victory on Saturday.

We've got lots of goals to get through (again), so let's get it started.

Boston College Goal #1: 4:36 of the 1st period
Kenzie Kent (Alex Carpenter, Haley Skarupa)

BC 1, Cornell 0

Yesterday BC didn't get on the scoreboard until the 2nd period, but it didn't take nearly that long today. Just 4 minutes and change into the game, Skarupa and Kent combine for a nice goal to get things kicked off. Kent has already beaten her defender (this has been a common theme) and keeps the stick down on the ice waiting for the pass from Skarupa. The pass is perfectly placed and all Kent has to do is poke it past Cornell goaltender Paula Voorheis for the early lead.

A few minutes later, BC went on its first power play of the game and was able to convert.

Boston College Goal #2 (PPG): 10:12 of the 1st period
Andie Anastos (Haley Skarupa)

BC 2, Cornell 0

Andie Anastos is not being covered. Lexi Bender, #21 for BC, is taking up a good position in front of the net and is drawing the attention of not one, but two Big Red defenders. Not a good strategy when you are already shorthanded. Carpenter is given some time in the corner to let some space develop and Anastos gives her a good target.

You're going to score a lot of goals on shots from that part of the ice.

Cornell Goal #1: 19:49 of the 1st period
Emily Fulton (Brianne Jenner, Kaitlin Doering)

BC 2, Cornell 1

Despite the early 2-0 lead, it would be inaccurate to say that BC had dominated quite as much as they did for three periods on Friday. Cornell matched BC in shots in the first period 9-9 and really came out firing. BC had the edge, but Cornell had certainly improved.

At the end of the first period, the Big Red were rewarded with a nice goal. Fulton gets fed the puck with room to shoot and she really snipes one right past Katie Burt.

BC scored one in the waning seconds of a period on Friday, so Cornell thought it would be nice to return the favor.

That was as close as Cornell would get, however.

Boston College Goal #3 (GWG): 10:52 of the 2nd period
Kate Leary (Tori Sullivan, Lexi Bender)

BC 3, Cornell 1

BC really started to take control starting in the second period, outshooting Cornell 15-6. Midway through, the Eagles got started on adding insurance.

BC can score goals in a lot of different ways. They don't all have to be pretty. This one is a real greasy goal out of Leary. Sullivan takes a rip on net from the blue line and Voorheis loses sight of it just for a split second. Two white jerseys come crashing in looking for the puck, one plows into the goalie (somehow this wasn't even looked at for goalie interference), but Leary finds it and is able to flip a backhand home for the two goal lead.

Into the third period we would go. Just like Friday, BC's depth really started to wear Cornell down, and the floodgates opened.

Boston College Goal #4: 3:38 of the 3rd period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 4, Cornell 1

Pretty similar goal to the previous one. Voorheis struggles with a rebound and the white jerseys are the ones who win the battle to the puck. Voorheis stays with it for a couple chip shots, but eventually Skarupa has an opening and finds the back of the net.

Alright, that's enough greasy goals, I think. Let's start having some fun.

Boston College Goal #5 (SHG): 11:00 of the 3rd period
Alex Carpenter (Haley Skarupa)

BC 5, Cornell 1

This is the part of the game where you can really tell Cornell is losing control of things. Skarupa gets such a clear breakaway that she could probably take a nap. She tries to finesse a shot through the 5 hole but there's nothing there.

The problem for Cornell is that after the play, somehow Carpenter gets behind everyone and is the first to the puck -- remember, BC is shorthanded here. She finds room inside the post and Cornell is about ready to give up.

Boston College Goal #6: 14:28 of the 3rd period
Kate Leary (Unassisted)

BC 6, Cornell 1

Kate Leary, what kind of silky smooth sorcery is this?

What a sensational move. She could stick handle in a phone booth, and I have no idea whatsoever how she manages to get through. The puck is played close to the defender's skates where she can't get it and Leary manages to pick it up right before Voorheis can make a play on it. One more move and she's got the whole net to shoot at, and from there she's not going to miss.

What a goal.

Cornell Goal #2 (SHG): 15:35 of the 3rd period
Hanna Bunton (Unassisted)

BC 6, Cornell 2 -- FINAL

You hate to give up a late garbage goal, but sometimes in games like this it's easy to get a little sloppy. This is a pretty ill-advised pass from BC (I can't tell who it is, and she's probably glad) and Bunton just turns on the jets and gets through before #18 Miano can recover. Gotta give her credit for the slick finish, though.

And that's that. It can't be understated how big of a sweep this is for BC. Cornell is 0-2, but they are one of the very best teams in the country -- top 5 in the polls going into the weekend despite not playing any games. Once Cornell gets a few more games under their belt, this will be a huge Pairwise boost.

BC takes on Providence College next weekend in a home-and-home. The Friars are 0-7-1 so I'll let you guys figure out how those games are going to go.