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#3 BC Women's Hockey Overwhelms St. Lawrence, 2-1

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Eagles finally cash in on a barrage of early chances

Todd Huxley Smith

It wasn't last week's complete dismantling of Syracuse, but the Eagles broke through Friday and took a 2-1 victory on the road at St. Lawrence.

BC came out flying for two full periods but could not take a lead. Despite outshooting the Saints a whopping 32-7 through 2 periods, it took a goal with less than a minute left in the 2nd from Alex Carpenter to finally open up the scoring.

St. Lawrence did not go away quietly, however. After taking the 1-0 lead, BC seemed to slow up a bit in the third period and let the game get too close. Kristyn Capizzano scored 6 minutes into the third to put BC up 2-0, but the Saints answered with a goal of their own a few minutes later to once again cut the lead to 2-1.

SLU outshot BC 12-11 in the third period, surprising given BC's relentless attack through the first 5 periods of the season, and the outcome was somehow in doubt up through the very last possession. But nonetheless, BC held on and took the victory.

The score wasn't nearly indicative of how much BC dominated the first two periods. Their speed and offensive zone pressure drew 7 power plays to SLU's 1, and it was a power play goal that finally gave BC the lead.

The Eagles play one more game against St. Lawrence on Saturday at 3pm, and will hope for a more comfortable final score before heading home to prepare for next weekend's Hockey East opener at UNH.