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GOAL BY GOAL: #8 Boston College Women's Hockey Drops UNH, 5-3

The ladies keep rolling with a strong win over UNH

Joseph Gravellese

Another game without top scorer Haley Skarupa, but BC don't care. The Eagles put up a big lead on UNH and never looked back as they took down the Wildcats, 5-3.

For not having their leading scorer, BC has certainly found ways to put the puck in the net the last few games, scoring 12 in their last 3.

After the gentlemen's team had success in writing "PAYBACK" on their practice pucks prior to their game against Maine, the ladies decided to do the same against UNH. The Wildcats handed BC its first loss of the year back in October, and apparently the Eagles have good memories.

Roll tape.

Goal #1 -- 10:01 of the 1st period: Taylor Wasylk (Dana Trivigno, Kate Leary)
BC 1, UNH 0

It's seemed like forever since BC has been able to score first. They've had to play from behind far too often lately -- 3 of their last 4 games, in fact. But the Eagles would start strong.

The first goal might seem like a greasy goal, but this is a designed play that we've been seeing a lot of from BC lately, especially on the powerplay. A player gets the puck below the goal line and throws it in front for a one-timer.

This time it's even strength, but the end result is a good goal. Dana Trivigno does the work behind the net and finds Taylor Wasylk in the right place for the score.

It wouldn't take long for BC to extend the lead.

Goal #2 -- 15:15 of the 1st period: Dana Trivigno (Taylor Wasylk)
BC 2, UNH 0

This time we have a UNH turnover (and it won't be the first time we see this). It's tough to see what actually happened here, but a Wildcat gets the puck behind the net and tries to sling the puck along the boards to clear the puck out. Instead, the puck takes a wild bounce off what must have been a stanchion in the corner. It bounces right into the high slot where a charging Dana Trivigno wastes no time in firing home the insurance goal.

And that wasn't all!

Goal #3 -- 16:48 of the 1st period: Taylor Wasylk (Dana Trivigno, Meagan Mangene)
BC 3, UNH 0

Another turnover by UNH, and this time we have a really nice goal as a result.

Another poor breakout attempt by the Wildcats and it doesn't take much more than a blink of an eye for BC to take advantage. Mangene deservedly gets an assist for forcing it. The puck ends up right on the stick of Trivigno.

Really, really nice movement here by Wasylk to get into space. She comes diagonally across from the far point to receive the pass for a one timer and she just does not miss.

What a first period by that line. Three goals by the same cast of characters in the span of about six and a half minutes.

UNH would get one back in the second period after outshooting BC 20-10, but you have to give credit to the Eagles for taking the bad second period and coming out strong in the third.

Goal #4 (PPG, GWG) -- 2:27 of the 3rd period: Kristyn Capizzano (Dana Trivigno, Emily Pfalzer)
BC 4, UNH 1

If you want to call one goal 'greasy,' this would be the one. Not the prettiest power play goal we've ever scored, but with how we've been struggling on the man advantage, we'll take them any way we can get them.

Trivigno attempts to score one through a screen and at least gets a bit of a ping-pong effect going on. Freshman Kristyn Capizzano is there to clean it up, and BC regained their three goal lead.

The Eagles again showed quick-strike ability a minute and a half later to go up big.

Goal #5 -- 3:54 of the 3rd period: Emily Pfalzer (Andie Anastos, Lexi Bender)
BC 5, UNH 1

Well, they certainly saved the best for last, didn't they? That's just about how you draw up every 2 on 1. Anastos gets crazy deep -- almost to the goal line -- before she dishes the puck all the way across to the opposite faceoff circle. The poor UNH goalie didn't have a chance, going totally across her crease in the attempt to stop the rocket shot from Pfalzer.

Looks like every goal I ever scored against Joe in NHL '06 for XBox.

UNH would make it a little more interesting that it really should have, getting to within 5-3 before the final buzzer sounded, but in truth UNH never threatened at all in this game due to BC's rapidfire goal scoring. It was a quality win, especially without Skarupa.

If anything, these games without her have allowed Coach Crowley to really play around with the lines (which I believe were all-new today) to see if she can find some chemistry. There really seemed to be a couple winners in there this afternoon, especially with the three goal outburst in the first from Wasylk, Trivigno, and Leary.

BC heads north to Durham to take on UNH up at the Whit tomorrow afternoon, in what has been a house of horrors for the Eagles over the years. They will try to continue their hot streak in which they have gone 6-0-2 in their last 8 and 8-1-2 in their last 11.