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ACC Women’s Basketball Bracket Set, Boston College In With No. 6 Seed

The Eagles are entering the tournament playing their best basketball of the season

Boston College vs Syracuse Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Fresh off Boston College Women’s Basketball’s 88-81 win over Syracuse in their last game of the regular season on Sunday afternoon, the Eagles found out their seed for the ACC tournament:

The Eagles actually ended up in a tie for 4th in the conference standings (!), which is really all kinds of impressive, though they lost the tiebreakers with Florida State and Virginia Tech to fall to the 6th seed.

That actually might have been the best thing that could have happened to BC. If the Eagles had wound up as the #4 seed, they’d have gotten another bye — good, to be sure! — but it would have been one fewer round for the Eagles to have to earn a win to get into the NCAA tournament and would have put them on the same side of the bracket as juggernaut Louisville. Instead, as the #6, BC will get a winnable matchup in the winner of the #11 Miami vs. #14 Clemson game for their first contest, followed by (if they win, obviously), a game against #3 Duke. The Blue Devils are the only team in the top four that are unranked in the national polls.

Should BC get two wins, that’ll put them at 20 on the season — perhaps a magic number to persuade the committee to get them into the NCAA tournament. But in the meantime, the Eagles have the privilege of being able to look past their current opponent, as Bye is winless in the history of the ACC tournament.

The first game for the Eagles will be Thursday at 8pm in Greensboro!