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Soul-Crushing Boston College Football Loss Costs British Bettor Over $3,000

Sorry, mate...

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought you felt bad after BC failed late—twice!—to beat Wake Forest, at least take solace in the fact that you aren't this guy:

Twitterer @t_dewing of Gateshead, UK (according to his Twitter) threw down £38.76 on a 20 (!!!) team parlay that would have paid out £2,200 had all 20 teams won. According to the Google machine, that's $3,372 in cold, hard currency.


If you take a look at the screenshots in the two tweets above, he picked some pretty strong favorites (Mississippi State at 1/50 over Troy, for example). But I don't care how much they were favored, 19 of 20 teams in a parlay is ridiculous.

That's a bad day. Sorry, British dude.

Any BC fans visiting the greater Gateshead area anytime soon owe this poor man a beer.