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Two Minute Drill: Talking Frank Beamer, John Fadule and Halloween Costumes

What do the football guys have to talk about this week?

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Dan Rubin: BC lost its fourth straight last Saturday when they fell to Louisville. Since that's BC's fifth loss, the Eagles have to run the table in order to avoid needing a waiver or bowlmageddon to get into a postseason game. With games left against Virginia Tech, NC State, and Notre Dame, bowl eligibility is anything but a given and is looking more and more like it might not happen.

As we kick off this week, AJ, how does that make you feel?

AJ Black: As this season wears on, I am just hoping for a few things. I want to see some progress on the offense, especially on the offensive line. Let's see the kids like James Hendren, Aaron Monteiro, Jon Baker and others really start to build some trust and momentum going forward. If Harris Williams continues to struggle, put in another kid, because honestly I would rather see BC get the kids more snaps than hurt Williams feelings. Other than that? Let's see BC's defense continue to keep the Eagles in games, and maybe steal one against Notre Dame.

Dan, I wrote about it earlier yesterday, do you think Don Brown will be poached from this staff, or will he continue his work with Boston College?

Dan Rubin: I don't think he's going anywhere for the time being. He's in his 60s and hasn't been a head coach in seven years. With the exception of his time at Maryland, he's been a New England coach for his entire career. He's never been a head coach at the FBS level.

That's not say he wouldn't make a good head coach, but when you look at the programs available, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for him to go anywhere. Teams are getting younger for "first time" head coaches, save for UMass hiring Mark Whipple.

If he were to leave, UMass and UConn are the most logical landing spots. But Bob Diaco isn't getting fired this year, and UMass isn't hiring another ex-coach of theirs if the Whipple experiment doesn't work out.

So no. I don't think he's going anywhere. He's in a good spot here, and I think he's in it for the long haul with Steve Addazio to buy into what they're doing.

Speaking of head coaching candidates, there are some big openings with Southern Cal, South Carolina, and Miami all vacant. Who are some of the names most likely to go?

AJ Black: There are a few big names I would look at to fill those positions. First off, you have to look at some of the successful Group of 5 schools, guys like Matt Rhule of Temple, Tom Herman of Houston, and Justin Fuente of Memphis. Also, there may be some candidates from schools that can't top the pay outs from the bigger schools, guys like Rich Rodriguez. Possibly some high powered coordinators like Kirby Smart at Alabama or Scott Frost of Oregon.

I can't imagine that Chip Kelly will actually give up the NFL to go back to college, but if Bill O'Brien is canned from Houston he may look at a college job again.

Speaking of vacancies, BC is playing a team with a coach that may not see 2016. Do you predict that Frank Beamer will return to VT in 2016?

Dan Rubin: I have no idea. I can't fully blame Beamer for how this season's gone. Michael Brewer's injury sandbagged the offense early in the year, and key defensive injuries limited an elite unit's effectiveness. Like we see at BC, that's a killer when you're two or three possessions away from being a six-win team.

A guy like Beamer deserves to go out on his terms, so I can't imagine he is gone after this year. He should be on an incredibly short leash, though, and Bud Foster should be given a heckuva lot more say as the offseason dawns to begin a transition procedure.

Every time VT comes to BC, I wind up in some type of verbal spat with a Hokies fan. I can't think of a fan base with which I have less in common, though I guess that makes a good rivalry. Your thoughts on Tech fans coming up for the game and on which team has the most interminable fans?

AJ Black: If we are talking about fan bases I get along with least, I would have to say it would be the University of Miami. Their fans drive me up the wall because 90% of them in this area aren't really Hurricanes fans, instead are probably just BU hockey fans that liked Miami in the 90's because of the whole U nonsense. These "fans" also are the hardest to get along with, were the rudest, and probably knew the least about their own team. Yeah, I don't like ‘em. A close second would be FSU fans, who are growing in numbers, because they are winning, and dumb sports fans love to attach themselves to whatever team are hot at that time. For instance at the FSU game this year, I had a guy behind me all in FSU gear, who was a big fan of their coach Jumbo Fisher, and cheered when Darius Wade went down, and continued cheering until our section almost jumped him.

So maybe in the end it's just bandwagon fans of any school that I found most annoying.

No Huddle

AJ: Dan, I've asked before, I'll ask again. We are more than halfway through the season. Who is your pick for the Heisman?

Dan: I'm thinking either Trevone Boykin or Leonard Fournette. I really think an RB would be a good choice, plus, you know #SECbias

AJ, think John Fadule plays at all on Saturday?

AJ: I do, I have a strong suspicion that Flutie will struggle and Addazio will need to pull him.

Dan, final question, Halloween is on Saturday. What was your favorite costume you wore as a kid?

Dan: For some reason the only one I can remember is the time I wore something that covered my whole face. I went trick-or-treating and played a prank on my grandfather where i rang the bell at his house without him knowing it was me. Then went back and thought it was the funniest thing ever. He went along with it because he was the freaking man.

I can only assume I dressed up as Bret Hart at least four years in a row though. Huge wrestling fan back then.