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Notre Dame 19 Boston College 16: Eagles Offense Shows Up Too Late As Irish Triumph (Instant Reaction)

Another loss for the Eagles.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College's defense did yeoman's work tonight, forcing turnovers but it wasn't enough as the offense showed up lateas the Eagles dropped Saturday's matchup at Fenway Park.

Justin Simmons, Matt Milano, Gabe McClary all made big time plays on the defensive side of the ball. BC allowed ND to move the ball, but really clamped down in the red zone, forcing multiple turnovers inside the 20. But the story again was the offense who struggled the entire night against the Irish. Steve Addazio had a very predictable offensive scheme that didn't allow BC to do much of anything. A pattern of "run, run, pass, punt" seemed to happen on every drive as John Fadule only was able to muster up five first downs.

Addazio switched to Jeff Smith in the second half, which helped. Smith made a few big runs for firsts, but one drive was squashed on a fumble (which he recovered) and another when Steve Addazio was called for a fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalty after he screamed at the refs.  Then after a Justin Yoon FG, Jeff Smith blasted an 80 yard touchdown run, one that was very Tyler Murphy-esque, but failed to convert the two point conversion. After Addazio continued to inexplicably juggle between Fadule and Smith, the Eagles scored on a touchdown pass to Charlie Callinan.

BC failed to recover the onside kick, and Notre Dame was able to run out the clock for the victory. BC falls to 3-8, heading to Syracuse to finish the season.