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Boston College 17, Northern Illinois 14: By The Numbers


Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

31: Number of points allowed by Boston College this season. BC allowed 14 points in back-to-back weeks after surrendering that total on Saturday against Northern Illinois.

4: The number of games in which BC allowed at least 30 points in 2014.

17: The number of points surrendered by the BC defense this season. Of the 31 points allowed, 14 came from a turnover by the offense (the Hilliman fumble against FSU) or special teams (the kickoff return against NIU).

10: The amount of points surrendered by BC on drives starting in minus territory.

173: The total number of passing yards accumulated by BC and NIU on Saturday.

174: The total number of yards accumulated only by BC running backs.

21: Boston College has won 21 straight games against MAC opponents. They improved to 39-8 all-time against the Mid-American Conference.

1,465: The number of days between games where Boston College allowed a kick return for a touchdown. The last kickoff brought back against the Eagles was by UMass on September 24, 2011, when Jesse Julmiste did so. At the time, UMass was ranked the FCS.

234: Net yards rushed by Boston College against the Huskies. The Eagles gained 274 yards but lost 40 yards while running 63 plays on the ground.

245: Yards combined by other facets of offense. That includes NIU rushing (72), NIU passing (81), and BC passing (92).

21%: NIU's efficiency on third down. The Huskies went 3-for-14 on the day in the situation. BC is now 10-52 on the season defensively on third downs, a total of 19%. In contrast, the Eagle offense is 26-59, good enough for 44%.

37:51: Time of possession controlled by BC on the season. The Eagles are now averaging 32:33 of possession per game. BC ranks 13th nationally in the statistics but are not the best in the league. NC State is averaging nearly 40 minutes per game, longest in the nation.