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Boston College 17, Northern Illinois 14: Huskies Postgame Quotables

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With their second straight loss, NIU fell to .500 on the season.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Head Coach Rod Carey Opening Statement...

"They did a good job today making plays - made the play to win the game. We fell short. We had our opportunities. It's disappointing to come up short for the second week in a row... to come up without making those plays during the course of the game. Two turnovers hurt us. I thought our defense did a great job minimizing those. I thought the defense played great for the most part the entire day. Our kicking game was good, except for the muffed snap that led to a block, and also the missed field goal. Other than that, I thought our kick coverage was pretty good and then obviously our kickoff return at the end gave us a real shot at the end of the game."

Carey on the offense's struggles...

"They are a good defense and you give them credit. They caused a lot of disruption but there were still plays to be made and we haven't made them."

Carey on tinkering with the offense...

"No. We are who we are. We have a sound offense as far as the setup is concerned and we have very good football players. We have to do a better job of coaching."

"Listen, anytime you are struggling on offense you search a little bit but you come back to who you are and I thought we did that today. That's kind of what moved the ball when we did move it. I don't think we moved it very well, but yes I think you search all the time for different things."

Carey on the NIU defense...

"I think today was a championship defensive effort. I really do. They were in some bad spots because of the offense sometimes and they responded. That's exactly how you want to play defense. But then again, I think on their second touchdown we had a misalignment. I think we would like that one back because if we lined up I don't think they were doing much against us. But we weren't lined up - give them credit because they made the play."

Carey on season-long expectations...

"We preach one game at a time in this program. That's all we talk about. Now we are going into conference play and it's like fighting your brother. You guys know each other and you know you are going to fight and it's one of those... it's a weekly struggle but we go one game at a time."

Carey on heading into MAC play...

"When you lose two in a row I don't think you feel good about anything. I don't know that I would use the word secure. There are certainly some things in there that we can build on and need to quickly. But there are also some things in there that we just have to get fixed."

Transcripts provided by BC Eagles Athletic Communications