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Week 4 Gambling Odds: Eagles Open As 4.5 Point Favorites Over NIU

It's a virtual pick 'em for the home game on Saturday against the Huskies.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After spending last week as clear underdogs against the Florida State Seminoles, Boston College opens this week as a slight favorite in a virtual pick 'em against the NIU Huskies. installed the Eagles as 4.5 point favorites over the visiting MAC powerhouse as the week and march to Saturday kicks off.

Since the opening line, the early action has been on NIU, forcing the point spread down a single half of a point. BC remains favored, but most websites are offering a four point spread as of Sunday night. It is likely the spread won't move very much in a game that appears to have no clear-cut favorite. The Huskies are a very good program, and they pushed Ohio State to the limit in a game they probably should have won on Saturday. But they aren't going to be considered favorites as a mid-major program stepping up into the ACC.

There is virtually no history between these two teams with which to base betting on. BC hasn't played NIU since the 1970s, and they've only played once. Steve Addazio was the head coach at Temple for only one season while the Owls were in the Mid-American Conference (his second season was in the Big East, but they never played NIU. Likewise, NIU head coach has no experience coaching against the Eagles.

It looks like this week will remain a complete pick 'em for the Eagles since a four point spread means the game will be incredibly close. Although it's possible NIU could cover the spread and lose, they would have to remain within a field goal of BC and lose - or outright win. The difference between the two teams are likely right now a home field advantage for the Eagles.

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