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INSTANT REACTION: Same Old Story As Boston College Falls 24-8 To NC State

You've seen this before

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The slow trudge through the 2015 BC football season continued Saturday with another brutal, painful, loss, this time to NC State by a score of 24-8.

BC used its 4th different starting quarterback of the season after Darius Wade went down with a broken ankle, Jeff Smith missed time with a concussion, and Troy Flutie was put on the disabled list with Troy Flutie disease.

Walk-on John Fadule took the reins, and despite some optimism after last weekend's glimmer of hope against Virginia Tech, that glimmer faded mighty quick.

Fadule and the Eagles couldn't do anything whatsoever in the first half, and NC State pounced with a one play, 83 yard touchdown to get the scoring started. They'd score two more before the end of the first half to make it 21-0.

The 2nd half, however was much more productive.

My wife and I got off the couch and did a little work toward selling our house. I scraped some peeling paint off my radiators to prep them for painting which I'll probably do after I'm done writing this:

My wife, for her part, went out and dug up a butterfly bush that she wants to transplant to the new house. She did a pretty nice job.

We don't think the people buying our house will mind seeing as how it basically just looked like some twigs sticking out of the ground.

Butterfly bushes are perennials, so it should pop up again next year at the new place.

All in all, definitely a productive 2nd half. Also BC got a garbage time touchdown late so that was neat too.


  • It's really hard to scrape these radiators. I underestimated just how many nooks and crannies there are on these things. I hope painting it is easier.
  • The people buying our house are getting an FHA mortgage so that's why I'm doing this. FHA doesn't allow any peeling paint in old houses because it could be lead paint. Dumb.
  • I should have bought a smaller wire brush for this job. The one I bought was too big to get into the individual pipe things so that's disappointing. It did the best it could under the circumstances.
  • If anyone has any recommendations for this please let us know in the comments. Is high-heat paint really necessary? Can I get away with just using your standard interior latex paint? These are important questions going into the bye week.
  • My wife did a great job getting that butterfly bush out of the ground. Shout out to her because that didn't look easy. She gets the game ball this afternoon.