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BCI Quiz Bowl, Volume 3: Testing Your Knowledge About Maine

The latest installment of our quiz series

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

We're back for round three of BC Interruption trivia. This week, Boston College football takes on the University of Maine. As an FCS opponent, odds are most people don't know too much about the opposing team. This quiz will test your knowledge on UMaine football, the school itself, and some of the history between the Eagles and the Black Bears. If you register for an account within the trivia app (or log in with facebook, google or twitter), your scores on this quiz will add to other quizzes throughout the year on our full-season leaderboard. See how well your BC knowledge stacks up against the rest!

Good luck!

Next week, BCI Quiz Bowl will return for Volume 4 and a quiz about another little-known opponent to most BC fans - Howard. See you then.