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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Maine Game

The first depth chart is released, who is starting on Saturday for the season opener?

Kickoff is Saturday. With a young squad hitting the field, many questioned what the two deep would like. Coach Steve Addazio released his first depth chart yesterday for the matchup against the Black Bears. Let's see what it looks like:


74 Dave Bowen 6-7 289 Sr.
73 Sam Schmal 6-6 294 R-Fr.


77 Jon Baker 6-3 293 So.
54 Joel Rich 6-3 282 So


50 Frank Taylor 6-3 289 Jr.
69 Austin Stevens 6-3 270 R-Fr.


64 Harris Williams 6-3 296 Sr.
75 Chris Lindstrom 6-4 260 Fr.


72 Jim Cashman 6-7 302 Jr.
58 James Hendren 6-7 293 R-Fr.

The starting five isn't much of a surprise. Reports out of the scrimmages had all but Williams playing with the first team. Addazio has been adamant that Williams would be ready for the fall, and that he was giving him the same treatment he gave Matt Patchan, both of whom were held out of scrimmages to keep them healthy. There is a lot of young talent with this group, with only one freshmen on there. I wouldn't be surprised if all 10 saw game time against Maine, and against Howard to give them game experience and to give Addazio and Justin Frye more time to evaluate the talent on the line.

Y Back

81 Louie Addazio 6-3 252 Sr.
89 Tommy Sweeney 6-5 246 R-Fr.
87 Austin Chapman 6-3 232 So

The Eagles got bad news this week when Steve Addazio announced that Mike Giacone was going to miss the season with an ACL injury. Also, Chris Garrison may have taken snaps here (or WR) but he is going to miss significant time with a hand injury. Louie Addazio has plenty of game experience, and is a great blocking back, Tommy Sweeney may give the Eagles the best option as a hands TE.


4 Darius Wade 6-0 204 So.
5 Jeff Smith 6-1 182 Fr.
or 16 Troy Flutie 6-0 182 R-Fr.

No big surprise here. Wade was named the starter in the spring, Jeff Smith has impressed during the summer and Flutie is Flutie.


32 Jon Hilliman 6-0 224 So. or
23 Myles Willis 5-9 194 Jr.
35 Tyler Rouse 5-8 194 Jr. or
7 Marcus Outlow 5-10 203 So.

36 Bobby Wolford 6-2 248 Sr.
38 Richard Wilson 5-10 224 R-Fr.

Dudes up and down this line. Hilliman is going to be the everydown back this year, but it might not be a bad idea to save some of the gas in his tank if BC goes up early. Love to see some carries go to Shake Outlow, Myles Willis and Rouse. Interestingly true freshman Jordan Gowins isn't on here, wonder if Addazio is going to hold him for a redshirt. Fullback is what we expected. Wilson adds an interesting dimension, as he is a big powerful back, wonder if he will see goalline snaps.


18 Thadd Smith 5-9 175 So.
83 Charlie Callinan 6-4 220 So. or
84 Elijah Robinson 6-2 185 Fr.


6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So.
80 Drew Barksdale 5-11 195 So.
37 Michael Walker 6-0 195 Fr.

26 David Dudeck 5-11 194 Sr.
10 Bobby Swigert 6-0 199 Sr.

Welcome back to the depth chart Bobby Swigert! Thadd Smith as expected is getting starter snaps along with Alston and Dudeck. If we learned anything last year it was that Addazio cycles his WR's frequently during the game. I'd expect Charlie Calinan, Barksdale and Robinson to see the field on Saturday, and maybe even Bobby Swigert as well. That'll be a great scene. Harrison Jackson still is rehabbing it appears.


8 Harold Landry 6-3 245 So.
45 Mehdi Abdesmad 6-7 286 Sr. or
2 Zach Allen 6-5 265 Fr.


97 Truman Gutapfel 6-3 281 Jr.
96 Ray Smith 6-1 264 Fr. or
94 Noa Merritt 6-0 268 So.


90 Connor Wujciak 6-3 304 Sr.
99 Evan Kelly 6-1 285 Gr.


93 Kevin Kavalec 6-2 256 So.
87 Malachi Moore 6-4 274 Jr. or
11 Wyatt Ray 6-3 230 Fr

That is a whole lot of talent right there. The starters are going to be very good, but what strikes me is the talent at the back up level.  Mehdi Abdesmad? Malachi Moore? Evan Kelly? This is going to be a fun group to watch this season. Don Brown is going to have a field day.


28 Matt Milano 6-1 218 Jr.
49 Kevin Bletzer 6-2 217 R-Fr.
43 Sherriff Grice 6-1 201 Fr.


52 Steven Daniels 6-0 257 Sr.
13 Connor Strachan 6-2 230 So.


44 Ty Schwab 6-1 222 So.
30 Mike Strizak 6-2 239

Good talent on this group here. What strikes me the most about this group is that the Eagles have a heavy hitter, Steven Daniels up the middle, and two fast converted safeties on the outside. Add that speed with the talent up front, and Brown is going to be able to send players all over the field at the quarterback.

5 Kamrin Moore 5-11 192 So.
29 Atem Ntantang 5-11 193 So.
15 Taj-Amir Torres 5-10 170 Fr.

9 John Johnson 6-0 198 Jr.
41 William Harris 6-2 193 So.

27 Justin Simmons 6-3 198 Sr.
17 Christian Lezzer 6-0 215 So.

20 Isaac Yiadom 6-1 184 So.
14 Gabriel McClary 6-3 204 So.
21 Lukas Denis 5-11 170

A very young, but very fast group of cornerbacks. One of the biggest question marks going into this season, this is certainly a group to keep an eye on.

42 Alex Howell 6-5 214 Sr.
99 Colton Lichtenberg 5-10 175 Fr. or
98 Mike Knoll 6-0 207 So.

42 Alex Howell 6-5 214 Sr.
98 Mike Knoll 6-0 207 So.

53 Leonard Skubal 5-10 193 Jr.
46 Jimmy Martin 5-11 220 Fr.

10 Bobby Swigert 6-0 199 Sr.

6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So.
85 Thadd Smith 5-9 175 So.

23 Myles Willis 5-9 194 Jr
6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So

Speed at the returner position, that should be exciting. Alex Howell was named the starting kicker during camp, so he is in charge of all punts/kicks at this point. Swigert is the starting holder, nice to see Addazio getting him out there.