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Boston Colllege Vs. Louisville: WR Ben Glines Likely To Redshirt

Before the season, he was listed as one of the team's top catchers. But after an injury forced him to the sidelines, it looks like Steve Addazio will look to save his entire year of eligibility.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the season, we mentioned freshman wide receiver Ben Glines as one of the top pass catchers coming out of training camp. A solid possession receiver, he had the ability to open up passing routes for the Eagles and looked to be one of the real impact players coming into 2015.

Before ever setting on the field, though, Glines suffered an injury and has been out ever since. Now it looks like he's getting healthier and could step on the field, but the coaching staff is making the determination to withhold him in order to preserve a potential redshirt.

From yesterday's press conference:

That's the huge question is where you plug him in right now. There are guys who are busting their tail right now to play. If you had a real injury issue at that position, I think you do it. But you don't, at least not today. Unless something changes, I don't know if that is going to happen. I've been stuck before here and at different places where you've burned a redshirt and you didn't get much snaps from the guy and you look back and you're like, 'what a shame.' You don't realize it until that fourth year and you're like 'wow. It's a shame.' I am [gearing towards redshirting him] but unless something were to dramatically change here, which can happen in a blink. You get a couple of key injuries. Then I would put him out there. It would happen fast. We would activate him quick.

So it looks like BC will be without Glines this season, which is okay because they'll also be able to give him another year to work him into the passing offense. While there's an obvious immediate impact, it should be an opportunity to get more experience and really help the Eagles down the road in the long-term forecast.