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BCI Radio Is Talking FBS-FCS With Rich Thompson & Jeff Greenberg at 8 PM ET!

We're breaking down the Maine game and gearing up for Howard. Give us your call at 646-200-0446!

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On Saturday, the Boston College Eagles defeated the Maine Black Bears, 24-3. It was a game in which BC trailed after the first quarter before rallying for a dominant performance. The defense held their opponent under 100 yards of offense and we received our first glimpse into what kind of team the Eagles can be offensively.

Now it's time to turn the page to "the game nobody wanted" against Howard. The Howard game sits as the divisive source of conversation on the 2015 season. While people are realizing the value of the extra snaps against a live opponent, they also are forced to deal with their feelings about the second FCS team. What started as a totally unacceptable form of scheduling is now morphing into a situation where "we'll deal with it this year but never again after this."

Tonight, we're going to attempt to break down the different sides of the equation. On one side, we'll talk about the Maine game with Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald. We'll discuss his observations from the press box and his thoughts on the team's performance. At the same time, we'll talk to Rich about his thoughts on the Howard game and having multiple FCS opponents on the slate. We'll ask him how BC can avoid this and still provide the right schedule for their team and fans—whatever that may mean.

After that, we'll be on the horn with Jeff Greenberg of Jeff covers the North Carolina Tar Heels, another ACC school playing two games against FCS opponents this season. We'll talk about the reaction in Chapel Hill, the views on the scheduling conundrums down there, and the differing views on FBS-vs-FCS.

While we're at it, Dan and AJ will break down the views from the stands and take your calls. So call in at 646-200-0446 and be sure to let your voice be heard!

The show drops LIVE at 8 PM ET so be sure to tune in!

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