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Boston College Football: Depth Chart For Howard Game

Has anything changed?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

With the first game in the books, let's look at this week's depth chart.


74 Dave Bowen 6-7 289 Sr.
73 Sam Schmal 6-6 294 R-Fr.


77 Jon Baker 6-3 293 So.
54 Joel Rich 6-3 282 So.


50 Frank Taylor 6-3 289 Jr.
69 Austin Stevens 6-3 270 R-Fr.


64 Harris Williams 6-3 296 Sr.
75 Chris Lindstrom 6-4 260 Fr.


72 Jim Cashman 6-7 302 Jr.
58 James Hendren 6-7 293 R-Fr.

No injuries to the starting five last week, and as we have mentioned before they looked sloppy to start the game but put it together in quarters three and four. As Addazio said last week, it's going to be important for the group to put together four quarters of good football, something we can look towards this weekend.

Y Back

81 Louie Addazio 6-3 252 Sr. 
89 Tommy Sweeney 6-5 246 R-Fr.
87 Austin Chapman 6-3 232 So.

I know some people want to see tight ends out there catching passes, but it's clear that is not going to happen at least right now with the offense. Louie Addazio was a glorified 6th offensive lineman, something Michael Giacone did in 2014. Until the offensive line really clicks I'd expect him to continue to play this role, as it will help support the playbook and a young quarterback.


4 Darius Wade 6-0 204 So.
Jeff Smith 6-1 182 Fr.
or 16 Troy Flutie 6-0 182 R-Fr.

I didn't get a chance to really analyze Darius Wade's play in the first game in my Cheers and Jeers post, but let me say this. He did a really solid job managing the game. He limited mistakes, made good reads, and the only complaint I had (and Addazio commented on) was that he held on to the ball a little too long when the pressure came. That's just a minor thing that can be fixed with experience. As he continues to grow, and feel more confident I'd expect Addazio to use more and more of the playbook.


32 Jon Hilliman 6-0 224 So. or
23 Myles Willis 5-9 194 Jr.
35 Tyler Rouse 5-8 194 Jr. or
7 Marcus Outlow 5-10 203 So.

36 Bobby Wolford 6-2 248 Sr.
38 Richard Wilson 5-10 224 R-Fr.

I'm a little confused here as Myles Willis is listed, shortly after being diagnosed with mono. Have to figure he would miss some time because of it. Otherwise no changes. Gameplan wise, I'd love to see Outlow touch the ball a few more times. He clearly is a different type of back than the more grinding Jon Hilliman. Also save Jon's legs a little bit and use Tyler Rouse, he had a fantastic game against Maine.


18 Thadd Smith 5-9 175 So. 
83 Charlie Callinan 6-4 220 So. or
84 Elijah Robinson 6-2 185 Fr.


6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So. 
80 Drew Barksdale 5-11 195 So.
37 Michael Walker 6-0 195 Fr.

26 David Dudeck 5-11 194 Sr.
10 Bobby Swigert 6-0 199 Sr.

Addazio talked this week about the important of using the other wide receivers so that he doesn't burn out Dudeck and Smith. Swigert however according to the coach is going to still get limited snaps. Using some basic math, that would probably mean that Drew Barksdale and/or Elijah Robinson will see more snaps this week.


8 Harold Landry 6-3 245 So.
45 Mehdi Abdesmad 6-7 286 Sr. or
Zach Allen 6-5 265 Fr.


97 Truman Gutapfel 6-3 281 Jr.
96 Ray Smith 6-1 264 Fr. or
94 Noa Merritt 6-0 268 So.


90 Connor Wujciak 6-3 304 Sr.
99 Evan Kelly 6-1 285 Gr.


93 Kevin Kavalec 6-2 256 So.
87 Malachi Moore 6-4 274 Jr. or
11 Wyatt Ray 6-3 230 Fr

Wow did this group have a game on Saturday. Easily the best unit on the team, they were blowing up plays left and right, and the best part is the depth. It wasn't just one player, it was the whole group. Cycling in and out the whole game, BC kept a fresh group out there which caused Maine's offense to be completely ineffective. Howard's offense is even worse, so I'd expect this group to have another monster game.


28 Matt Milano 6-1 218 Jr.
49 Kevin Bletzer 6-2 217 R-Fr.
43 Sherriff Grice 6-1 201 Fr.


52 Steven Daniels 6-0 257 Sr.
13 Connor Strachan 6-2 230 So.


44 Ty Schwab 6-1 222 So.
30 Mike Strizak 6-2 239

This group also had a big game on Saturday, with Matt Milano jumping out to get the defensive MVP award for the week. Again they are deep, the backups at MLB and WLB both have extensive experience and will play.

5 Kamrin Moore 5-11 192 So.
29 Atem Ntantang 5-11 193 So.
15 Taj-Amir Torres 5-10 170 Fr.

9 John Johnson 6-0 198 Jr.
41 William Harris 6-2 193 So.

27 Justin Simmons 6-3 198 Sr.
17 Christian Lezzer 6-0 215 So.

20 Isaac Yiadom 6-1 184 So.
14 Gabriel McClary 6-3 204 So.
21 Lukas Denis 5-11 170

Isaac Yiadom missed last week's game due to a minor injury, and was on the sideline with no pads. I don't know if he will return or not this week. Honestly if he needs a little rest to be 100%, I'd rather see him be fully ready for FSU next week. Gabe McClary also had a pretty good game, he is probably one of the tallest CB's I can remember in recent BC history and decent speed on top of it.

42 Alex Howell 6-5 214 Sr.
99 Colton Lichtenberg 5-10 175 Fr. or
98 Mike Knoll 6-0 207 So.

42 Alex Howell 6-5 214 Sr.
98 Mike Knoll 6-0 207 So.

53 Leonard Skubal 5-10 193 Jr.
46 Jimmy Martin 5-11 220 Fr.

10 Bobby Swigert 6-0 199 Sr.

6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So.
85 Thadd Smith 5-9 175 So.

23 Myles Willis 5-9 194 Jr
6 Sherman Alston 5-6 163 So

Before anyone freaks out about the kicking, let's just remember. Small Sample Size. Yes I know they struggled last year, but I'll give Howell a few more attempts before I worry. Also Addazio placed specific emphasis on starting position on the field, something they struggled with against Maine. Expect Sherm to return more punts or at least fair catch more punts this weekend.