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Boston College 76, Howard 0: By The Numbers

Inside the box score of a gristly game.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

24,031. The number of days since Boston College last scored this many points. On November 26, 1949, the Eagles crushed Holy Cross by a 76-0 count on the final day of the season. It was the last game BC would win until until November 2, 1951—a string of 15 games. The Eagles went 0-9-1 in 1950 and opened up '51 0-5 before defeating Richmond.

26,132. The announced attendance of Saturday's game. That sounds about right. The lower bowl was pretty full by the end of the first quarter, and it emptied out by halftime. If you didn't get a chance to look in the second quarter, you probably missed seeing the stadium as full as it was going to get. I'm willing to bet the crowd will be larger on Saturday.

41. The number of yards by which the overall yards allowed record was broken. Boston College surrendered 52 yards in a 54-0 victory over Holy Cross in 1970, wrapping up an 8-2 season. On Saturday, BC's offense held Howard to 11 yards overall—seven yards rushing and four yards passing. Coincidentally, neither individual statistic is a record; BC held three opponents (Villanova in '77, UMass & Syracuse in '78) to zero yards passing, and the Eagles held Louisville to -30 yards in a 1991 contest with the Cardinals.

2. The number of first downs Howard achieved. That broke a record of four set by the BC defense against Villanova in 1977.

1. Extra point kicked by senior kicker Jake Wilhelm. It was the first point of his career.

89. The amount of yards gained by true freshman Jeff Smith. Smith averaged 17.8 yards per carry and scored three touchdowns in his first game experience, and he flashed some of the speed we've been talking about since his recent arrival at The Heights.

0. The number of plays Howard had in Boston College territory. The Bison never even came close. They reached their 46 yard line once but a five yard penalty pushed them back to the 41. That came on a drive in the second half.

41. Number of points BC had in the first quarter.

40. Number of plays Howard had in the entire game.

344. Number of Boston College first half yards. It was the most yards since BC tallied 318 against Georgia Tech in 2007.

88. Percentage of passes completed by redshirt freshman Troy Flutie. Yes, I know that BC went 12-for-15 passing on the day anyways, and neither Darius Wade nor Jeff Smith played a ton. But Flutie played well, including a 34-yard rainbow pass along the sideline to Harrison Jackson (remember him?). Given the opponent, there's not much to work with here, so hats off to him.

3. Number of 50 yard punts by Howard. The Bison punted 11 times for 421 yards (60 yards less than what BC tallied offensively in the entire game). If there's a positive to take away for them, it's that John Fleck had a good day. He had one punt downed inside the 20—a 65 yard boot that bounced and took a Howard roll.