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Boston College vs. Howard Football: Guess The Attendance

What's it going to be?

I really don't mean to belabor the point. Really, I don't. But I'm going to anyway. Howard is probably the worst opponent to be invited to Alumni in at least 30 years, and offers very little in terms of either name brand or, in all likelihood, traveling fans. That, on the heels of last week's lowest-attended season opener since the expansion of Alumni Stadium, seems to be a recipe for attendance disaster in Week 2—perhaps one of the lowest-attended games in recent memory.

The only plus side going for the BCAA here compared to last week is that it's not Labor Day weekend, so you'll have less of the fanbase away on vacation or at family parties. Also, I guess there's the benefit of seeing a new opponent that likely few of us have ever seen in person before or ever will again, whereas Maine has been a common foe in recent years.

Weatherwise, we're looking at another perfect Saturday, just like last week, with kickoff temperature at around 75 degrees and no rain in the forecast. That should help.

Here's attendance in BC's last 5 games vs. 1AA opponents.

BC vs. Maine 2015 - 29,626

BC vs. Maine 2014 - 28,676

BC vs. UMass 2014 (Gillette Stadium)* - 30,479

BC vs. Villanova 2013 - 30,922

BC vs. Maine 2012 - 30,685


Will the number remain in that range? Or with Howard in town will we see the level plummet to a new low? What do you think?