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Orange Eagle Lacrosse Showdown: BCI/TNIAAM Smack Talk Live Thread

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The most important lacrosse game in the history of western civilization gets underway at 6 PM

BC Athletics

Quite possibly the most important lacrosse game of all time gets underway tonight at 6 PM eastern time when the Boston College Eagles take on the Syracuse Orange in the ACC Women's Lacrosse tournament quarterfinal. With BC and Syracuse tied for this year's prestigious* Orange Eagle Trophy, this game may well determine who wins the crown, along with determining who goes to the ACC semifinals.

Join our LIVE GAME THREAD via the twitter widget below. All tweets using hashtag #OrangeEagle will appear in the box below. You can also chime in via the comments section. The fate of the world may well depend upon it. You can watch tonight's game LIVE on your local ACC regional network, which, for New England, is NESNPlus. It will also stream on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN App. One thing is for certain tonight: there will be blood.

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