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Orange Eagle Update: Softball Series Canceled; It's Up to Bonus Points

The score remains tied 51-51.

BC Interruption

On Friday, we previewed a potentially dramatic weekend in the battle for the Orange Eagle Trophy, which is tied at 51-51.Softball was supposed to potentially play the deciding role. Mother nature had other ideas... as did Harvard.

Due to unplayable weather conditions, the entire three game BC-Syracuse softball series got wiped out, with no makeup date announced; odds are the games will not be played, meaning BC and Syracuse are done facing one another in regulation games this season. Meanwhile, BC women's hockey falling in the Frozen Four semifinals perhaps upended BC's best chance at a national championship and 10 bonus points this season.

That means that in order for BC to take its first ever Orange Eagle trophy, they will need to outdo Syracuse in bonus. points for the rest of the season. Because Syracuse won last year's trophy, they will retain it if it ends in a tie (unless I can get the guys at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician to agree to meet me somewhere areound Albany to do a penalty kick shootout).

Given that both BC and Syracuse are elite in women's lacrosse, it seems likely and almost inevitable that the two schools will clash in the ACC tournament and possibly the NCAA tournament, with 6 bonus points on the line each time - plus the potential for bonuses for winning the ACC title (6) or NCAA title (10) - so get brushed up on women's lax as it will likely decide the winner.

There are also 10 bonus points each up for grabs if either Syracuse men's lacrosse or BC men's hockey can win a national championship;. Cuse is #1 in the nation right now in men's lacrosse, so this will be something to keep an eye on. We'll see if the BC men have a mgical run for the ages in them.

The big board:

Head-to-Head / Sport Date Location Point Value SU BC Bonus
Field Hockey 20-Sep SU 6* 6 a, b
W Ice Hockey 4-Oct BC 6* 6 b
W Soccer 4-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
Volleyball 5-Oct BC 3 3 a, b
M Soccer 31-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
M X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 12 a, b
W X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 6 a, b
Field Hockey 6-Nov ACC 6
W X-Country 14-Nov NCAA NE 3 3
Volleyball 16-Nov SU 3 3
W X-Country 22-Nov NCAA 3
Football 29-Nov BC 12 12 a, b
W Basketball 18-Jan BC 3 3 a, b
M Basketball 20-Jan SU 6 6 a, b
M Basketball 11-Feb BC 6 6
W Tennis 14-Feb BC 6 6 a, b
W Basketball 19-Feb SU 3 3
W Lacrosse 28-Feb SU 6 6 a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2 X X a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2 X X
W Softball 22-Mar BC 2 X X
* in the event of a tie, both teams will earn 3 points
** winner determined by relative standing at the end of the competition
Bonus Points
a) ACC Tournament Champion 6
b) NCAA Champion 10
Major Sports - Achievement-based
Sport Achievement Point Value
M Ice Hockey NCAA Champion 10
M Lacrosse NCAA Champion 10
Totals 51 51