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Orange Eagle Trophy May Be Decided This Weekend

BC and Syracuse go in to the weekend tied 51-51, with a softball series starting on Saturday and women's hockey going for #bonuspoints

BC Interruption

When last we left the Battle for the Orange Eagle Trophy, Syracuse's four game sweep of men's and women's basketball nudged 'Cuse into the lead, but BC came roaring back with a huge women's lacrosse win at the Carrier Dome. With the Orange Eagle score tied 51-51, the trophy will quite possibly be decided this weekend. (As far as I know, we have no policy on determining how to adjust the Orange Eagle score if sanctions force wins to be vacated. We should probably figure that out.)

BC and Syracuse will do battle in a softball series this weekend, the last regularly scheduled contest between BC and 'Cuse this season. The games, originally scheduled to take place on campus at BC, will be played in Plymouth North High School in Plymouth, MA. Saturday will feature a doubleheader at 1 PM and 3 PM; the series will wrap up on Sunday at 12 PM.

BC is 14-12 (0-6 ACC), Syracuse is 12-14 (0-3 ACC). So this is looking like a pretty even matchup, with all the #OrangeEagle points on the line. Each game is worth 2 points total, for a combined total of 6 points.

But softball is not the only thing going on this weekend that could impact the Orange Eagle. Women's hockey is in action at the Frozen Four with a chance to win national championship bonus points. A national title would be worth a whopping 10 points, possibly enough to just about seal the deal for BC.

While there's a good chance of things being settled, we can't carve anyone's name on the trophy until much later in the spring. BC and Syracuse could collide in the ACC women's lacrosse tournament, or even the national tournament, games that would be worth 6 points each. BC and 'Cuse are also both strong contenders for 6 bonus points for an ACC title or 10 points for a national title. Stay tuned.

In addition, Syracuse or BC could earn 10 more bonus points for winning a national championship in men's lacrosse or men's hockey, respectively. While it's not looking likely for BC men's hockey, it's worth keeping an eye on as you can never count out Jerry York's Eagles.

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Below, the scores::

Head-to-Head / Sport Date Location Point Value SU BC Bonus
Field Hockey 20-Sep SU 6* 6 a, b
W Ice Hockey 4-Oct BC 6* 6 b
W Soccer 4-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
Volleyball 5-Oct BC 3 3 a, b
M Soccer 31-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
M X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 12 a, b
W X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 6 a, b
Field Hockey 6-Nov ACC 6
W X-Country 14-Nov NCAA NE 3 3
Volleyball 16-Nov SU 3 3
W X-Country 22-Nov NCAA 3
Football 29-Nov BC 12 12 a, b
W Basketball 18-Jan BC 3 3 a, b
M Basketball 20-Jan SU 6 6 a, b
M Basketball 11-Feb BC 6 6
W Tennis 14-Feb BC 6 6 a, b
W Basketball 19-Feb SU 3 3
W Lacrosse 28-Feb SU 6 6 a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2 a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2
W Softball 22-Mar BC 2
* in the event of a tie, both teams will earn 3 points
** winner determined by relative standing at the end of the competition
Bonus Points
a) ACC Tournament Champion 6
b) NCAA Champion 10
Major Sports - Achievement-based
Sport Achievement Point Value
M Ice Hockey NCAA Champion 10
M Lacrosse NCAA Champion 10
Totals 51 51