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2014-15 Orange Eagle Trophy: Boston College and Syracuse Tied 51-51 With Softball To Go

Should you care about a softball triple-header game that is being played in late March? OH BRIAN GIONTA'S SWEATY HOCKEY PANTS, YOU SHOULD VERY MUCH CARE about a softball triple-header that is being played in late March!

Five months into The Internet's Most Famous Trophy Competition (trademark pending), Boston College and Syracuse remain deadlocked in the race to determine the 2014-2015 season victor.

Following an expected four-game sweep of men's and women's basketball—basketball. is. stupid. basketball is stupid—a comprehensive victory by the BC women's tennis team and, most recently, a BC women's lacrosse upset victory over Syracuse in the Dome, Boston College and Syracuse find themselves tied at 51 points apiece with just softball to go. Probably couldn't have drawn it up anymore perfectly this year.

BC and SU wrap up the Orange Eagle regular season with a three-game softball series on the Heights on March 21 and 22. So...after head-to-head battles in 12 different varsity sports, it's all going to come down to a BC-SU softball triple-header to determine this year's winner. No pressure whatsoever, ladies.

That is of course unless those pesky bonus points get in the way. As a reminder, here are some of the bonus points that may be up for grabs the rest of the way:

– ACC Women's Basketball Tournament meeting (6 points head-to-head, 6 points ACC title). Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side of the Orange Eagle fence you fall on, BC and Syracuse may be on a collision course in the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament. Syracuse earned the tournament 5 seed while BC is the 12. The winner of the 12/13 matchup between BC and Wake Forest will face Syracuse in the tournament's second round. That's potentially very good news for SU fans, because again, basketball is stupid.

– ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship meeting (6 points head-to-head, 6 points ACC title, 10 points National Championship). BC and Syracuse always seem to find a way to meet more than once a year in women's lacrosse and I'm guessing this year will be no different. There really aren't a lot of places to hide given that the conference only runs eight programs deep and BC and SU are two of the better programs in the conference this year. Another six points could be up for grabs in an ACC Championship rematch. And, should either BC or SU win the conference championship, that school would earn another six Orange Eagle points. There may even be another NCAA Tournament meeting between the two programs (6 more points) and winning it all carries an additional 10 more points. There could be a slew of women's lacrosse Orange Eagle points up for grab this year.

– NCAA Women's Hockey Tournament meeting (6 points head-to-head, 10 points National Championship). Top-ranked BC is in line to snag the NCAA Tournament's #1 seed. Meanwhile, Syracuse earned the CHA's #2 seed and first-round bye. Should the Orange qualify for the NCAA Tournament, Syracuse would almost certainly earn the 8th and final seed to the tournament and a first round matchup against the tournament's top seed. An NCAA Tournament meeting between BC and SU would carry an additional six points, and 10 bonus points would go to the team that could string together three wins in the NCAAs.

– Men's Lacrosse / Men's Hockey National Championships (10 points National Championship). It's probably not in the cards for BC this year, but always have to be on the lookout for an additional 10 bonus points here, should BC men's hockey or Syracuse men's lacrosse win a natty.

Make sure to stay close to Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician and BC Interruption for all the Orange Eagle Updates as we approach the exciting conclusion of this year's Orange Eagle competition.

Head-to-Head / Sport Date Location Point Value SU BC Bonus
Field Hockey 20-Sep SU 6* 6 a, b
W Ice Hockey 4-Oct BC 6* 6 b
W Soccer 4-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
Volleyball 5-Oct BC 3 3 a, b
M Soccer 31-Oct SU 6* 6 a, b
M X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 12 a, b
W X-Country 31-Oct ACC Champ** 6 6 a, b
Field Hockey 6-Nov ACC 6
W X-Country 14-Nov NCAA NE 3 3
Volleyball 16-Nov SU 3 3
W X-Country 22-Nov NCAA 3
Football 29-Nov BC 12 12 a, b
W Basketball 18-Jan BC 3 3 a, b
M Basketball 20-Jan SU 6 6 a, b
M Basketball 11-Feb BC 6 6
W Tennis 14-Feb BC 6 6 a, b
W Basketball 19-Feb SU 3 3
W Lacrosse 28-Feb SU 6 6 a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2 a, b
W Softball 21-Mar BC 2
W Softball 22-Mar BC 2
* in the event of a tie, both teams will earn 3 points
** winner determined by relative standing at the end of the competition
Bonus Points
a) ACC Tournament Champion 6
b) NCAA Champion 10
Major Sports - Achievement-based
Sport Achievement Point Value
M Ice Hockey NCAA Champion 10
M Lacrosse NCAA Champion 10
Totals 51 51