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Syracuse University Wins The 2013-14 Orange Eagle Trophy


Following the unveil of the Orange Eagle trophy, all that's left is to crown a champion. Unfortunately, I was forced to call up Keeley over the weekend to offer up my concession speech ...

Syracuse University and Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician win this year's Orange Eagle Trophy. The current standings are 45-20 Syracuse; simply too big a gap to close for the Eagles, who only have five additional bonus points up for grabs if they can nab the natty in women's lacrosse. Syracuse can also extend their lead with bonus points still available in men's and women's lacrosse. This one is ovah.

Interestingly, though the final standings suggest a blowout, Boston College was in a lot of close games vs. Syracuse during the 2013-14 season. Football coughed up a lead in the game's final minute (6 points), volleyball was up five points in the final set before falling to SU (2 points), tennis was up three sets in the final match (3 points) and softball couldn't close out a doubleheader sweep of the Orange, surrendering two runs in the final inning before losing in extras (2 points). Had those games gone Boston College's way, the final score would have been 33-32 with only a few lax bonus points up for grabs.

Throw in an inexplicable women's hockey loss because #grantsucks and men's basketball's upset of then-undefeated and top-ranked Syracuse at Syracuse -- which, in hindsight, should have bought BC a few extra points, no? -- and it was a strange, strange season in the first year of the Orange Eagle.

Alas, there are no moral victories in the Orange Eagle and the beaut of a trophy has already been shipped off to the Pacific Northwest. Sadly, I'm destined to listen to Sean go on and on about how great Syracuse is for an entire year. #Pray4Brian

At some point over the summer when the fall schedules are released, the Orange Eagle Committee will convene to set next year's point totals and tinker with the scoring system. Since this is the first year for the competition, feedback on the scoring system will certainly be welcome during the Orange Eagle offseason.

I also want to take time to recognize the efforts of TNIAAM's The Invisible Swordsman, who basically thought up the thing, developed the scoring system and coordinated the creation of one damn fine looking trophy; one worthy of what should hopefully become one of the ACC's top rivalries.

And thank YOU for following along throughout the year and making this competition what it is. Hopefully at this time next year the only American-based school in this competition will take home that oddly-colored, yet badass bird of prey.

Go Eagles! Beat 'Cuse!

Sport Date Location Point Value SU BC Bonus
Field Hockey 20-Sep BC 3* 3 a, c
W Soccer 8-Oct BC 3* 3
W Ice Hockey 25-Oct SU 3* 3 a, c
W Soccer 31-Oct BC 3* 3 a, c
M X-Country 1-Nov ACC Champ** 3 6 a, c
W X-Country 1-Nov ACC Champ** 3 3 a, c
Field Hockey 7-Nov ACC Champ 3 3 a, c
Volleyball 10-Nov BC 2 2 a, c
Volleyball 27-Nov SU 2 2 a, c
Football 30-Nov SU 6 6 a, c
M Basketball 13-Jan BC 3 3 a, c
W Basketball 16-Feb BC 3 3 a, c
M Basketball 19-Feb SU 3 3
W Tennis 23-Mar SU 3 3 a, c
W Lacrosse 27-Mar BC 3 3 a, c
W Softball (DH) 16-Apr SU (GM 1) 2
2 a, c

16-Apr SU (GM 2) 2 2
W Track & Field TBD ACC Champ** 3 3 a, c
* in the event of a tie, both teams will earn 1 point
** winner determined by relative standing at the end of the competition
Bonus Points
a) ACC Tournament Champion 3
b) Men's Hockey East Tournament Champion 3
c) NCAA Champion 5
Major Sports - Achievement-based
Sport Achievement Point Value
BC M Ice Hockey NCAA Tournament 3 3 b, c
BC M Ice Hockey Frozen Four 3 3
SU M Lacrosse NCAA Tournament 3 3 a, c
SU M Lacrosse Final Four 3
TOTAL 45 20