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2013-14 Orange Eagle: Every Great Rivalry Deserves Its Own Trophy ...

This is what we play for.

Throughout the 2013-2014 academic year, the athletes of Syracuse University and Boston College have engaged in head-to-head combat with the goal of crowning their school the true Beast of the East. "The Orange Eagle Trophy" was devised by the editors of BC Interruption and Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician in an attempt to determine which school was the best on the field of battle, and bathe the winning school in glory.

Quietly, we have worked on creating a real award that is deserving of these two storied institutions, and before the 2013-2014 winner is announced in the coming days, we are proud to unveil the finished article. Introducing The SB Nation Orange Eagle Trophy:


Unsurprisingly, the trophy is an orange-colored eagle. But standing at two feet tall, what a friggin' sweet orange-colored eagle it is! And while we at TNIAAM and BC Interruption have no marketing or PR budget to speak of, that won't stop us from creating our own completely nonsensical Nike-esque press release to hype up the unveiling:

"The Orange Eagle Trophy represents the athletic and academic greatness that is Boston College and Syracuse University. The unique "Gio Pearl Orange" pantone adorning the trophy was carefully crafted by drawing actual blood samples from two of the schools' all-time greats: Dwayne 'Pearl' Washington, and Brian Gionta. The Pearl's strong Orange-colored blood, when mixed with Gionta's Maroon and Gold created a deep Orange hue that draws inspiration from the earth surrounding the famous section of Interstate 90 where the New York State Thruway and the Mass Pike intersect."

"The Eagle itself is a testament to both schools' strength and hunger for victory. The Eagle depicted on the trophy is situated high above the aforementioned section of highway, looking to the south and east of it's perch. It is gazing toward Storrs, CT, where it has spotted a live adult husky. The majestic bird is spreading it's wings in preparation for flight, where it will grab the canine in it's talons and return to the nest where the husky will be fed to it's young."


So students, alumni and friends of our great schools, this is what we play for. Today, tomorrow, and forevermore. Long live the rivalry, and long live The Orange Eagle!