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Can Boston College Softball Make The NCAA Tournament?

BC on the bubble going in to the ACC tournament - the In The Circle Podcast talks BC's chances of making the NCAAs

We try to be pretty knowledgeable about every BC sport here at BC Interruption, even ones that don't get as much press - but we'll be honest, we don't know much about this part of the college softball season. The last time BC softball had a realistic chance to make the NCAA tournament was probably before this blog existed.

Thankfully, there are other people who know this stuff inside and out.

The In The Circle podcast talks college softball each week, and this week they're talking bracketology and conference tournaments. Starting at around the 9:50 mark, they talk about Boston College's chances:

In a nutshell: at 30 wins and at #4 in the ACC, BC is squarely on the bubble, but these guys don't think they're in quite yet, and don't think a win over UNC in the ACC quarterfinal Thursday would lock them in. BC and UNC have identical 30-22 records, but North Carolina is in a much stronger RPI position - at #35 to BC's #52. If the ACC gets 4 teams in, which is what they expect, UNC has the inside track right now. But a BC win on Thursday makes things interesting.

BC has been on a great run in recent weeks, going 9-2 in their last 11 regular season games to give themselves a chance at their first NCAA bid in over a decade.

We'll have full coverage of the ACC tournament beginning tomorrow on BCI.