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BC Interruption Three Stars Of The Week, Week 2: McKenzie Meehan Tops This Week's List

Looking back at this past weekend's top performers

It was another interesting vote for this week's BC Interruption Three Stars Of The Week. The football team put up video game numbers against Howard, but since the video game was on "Rookie Mode," those stats get somewhat discounted. As such, it was an opportunity for the spotlight to shine on some lesser-known sports. Who takes the podium this week?

Last week, in our inaugural vote, Bobby Swigert was named the #1 star by the panel; he also got the fan vote as #1 star, in spite of a spirited effort to vote for Jerry York, who took second place just because. I am adding a rule to what I laid out last week and saying that winning the fan vote is also worth an additional point for our year end "three stars of the year" award, so Swigert has 4 points after week 1. On to week two:

#1 Star: McKenzie Meehan, women's soccer (14 points, 3 first place votes)

Here at BC Interruption, we've been big fans of the Lee-han, Mee-han, Scoring Machee-han since her rookie year. However, even we didn't think she'd be able to instantly jump back into the lineup after a year off and resume her torrid goalscoring pace. We thought wrong. Meehan fired home two goals in a 3-2 loss to Providence on Sunday, catapulting her into #1 on the list of top scorers in the nation. She's got a real chance of winning the women's Hermann Trophy for the nation's top female soccer player.

#2 Star: Emily McCoy, field hockey (10 points, 2 first place votes)

Emily McCoy scored a game-winning, overtime goal to defeat BU last weekend. Quite frankly, that was good enough for my first place vote, because it's BU. Single-handedly beating BU would get my first place vote even if it were in varsity horseshoes or tiddlywinks (both of which should be added to the BC sports lineup, right after we add varsity bocce and curling).

McCoy has been a standout star for BC field hockey this season, leading the team with 3 goals and 9 points in six games played. They are 4-2 with two wins over ranked opponents under their belt so far.

#3 Star: Jeff Smith, football (5 points, one first place vote)

It was so hard to decide which football player(s) to honor with votes this week because so many of them put up ridiculous numbers. Jeff Smith rattled off his first three collegiate touchdowns on just five carries, good enough to earn one voter's first place vote and a spot on two other ballots. Can Smith challenge for the starting job at some point this year? Has he done enough to pin down the #2 spot? (Of course, Flutie had a nice game, too.)

The Honorable Mentions

#4: Sean Burke, football (4 points) - Burke got some love from the panel for scoring his first career touchdown as part of BC's romp past Howard.

#5 Steve Addazio, football (3 points, 1 first place vote) - In addition to receiving one first place vote for the team's overall performance on Saturday, a few voters mentioned that both coaches deserve credit for a) agreeing to shorten Saturday's game and b) not letting the game get nasty and chippy as it remained so lopsided.

#6 Tyler Rouse, football (3 points) - Oh ho hum, just a three touchdown day for Rouse.

#7 Connor Strachan, football (2 points) - Strachan's pick 6 in the first quarter, I guess put the game away? To the extent that it wasn't already put away, anyway

#8 Katty Workman, volleyball (1 point) - Workman led the way in BC's win over UNH on Sunday to snap a 4-game losing streak.

Updated Three Stars Of the Year Standings

1. Bobby Swigert - 4 points (1 win)
2. McKenzie Meehan - 3 points (1 win)
3. AshLeigh Sebia - 2 points
4. Emily McCoy - 2 points
5. Tyler Rouse - 1 point
6. Jeff Smith - 1 point

Leave your thoughts below!