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The ACC Soccer Kits You've Been Waiting For

The ACC gets Euro football kit'd.

You may have seen some excellent mock-up soccer kits making the rounds on Twitter over the last week or so. They're the product of Kevin Ives (@AUPPL), who has transformed the SECBig Ten and Big 12 into Euro football kits complete with corporate sponsors.

Late last week, the ACC got the similar treatment.

The whole insurance company as corporate sponsor is pretty boring honestly, though I do appreciate both the historical significant and the fact that the company's headquarters is in Boston. I probably would have gone with, say, Gillette, Fidelity, Sam Adams, State Street or <thick football PA guy Boston accent> BMW of Peabody <thick football PA guy Boston accent>, but that's just me.

Let's review the rest of these. Snarky futbol-football cross-over commentary included.

Clemson - Yeah the zubaz accents on the home kit just don't do it for me. And BMW? I realize there's a BMW Manufacturing plant right there in Greenville-Spartanburg, but nothing screams the "Ultimate Driving Machine" like an inability to beat South Carolina.

Duke - Not sure what's really going on with the stripe or the shoulder on the away kits, but the home kit has a clean, classic feel to it. Surprised the road kit wasn't BFBS. Nitpicky but I would've gone with Lenovo over IBM.

Florida State - The Seminoles kits sponsored by Publix? The Jameis Winston jokes write themselves.

Georgia Tech - The Jackets are rocking the honeycomb pattern on both their home and road jerseys, which looks a lot better than the football implementation. Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is a fine sponsor for the program, though I probably would have went with Home Depot or Delta.

Louisville - Let me be the first to welcome our Papa Johns corporate overlords. I like how the Papa Johns logo has to specify the type of product they produce; as if "Papa Johns" could be anything other than pizza.

Miami - Miami's kits are sponsored by Miami-based Burger King, though at 0-for-ACC Championship Game appearances, Hurricanes fans clearly are not having it their way.

North Carolina - The Heels kits feature the same signature argyle pattern made famous by the UNC basketball team; a surprisingly clean and classic look not ruined by modern-day constructs like black or chrome.

N.C. State - The Wolfpack's two jerseys feature both the N.C. State logo and the wolf statue outside Carter-Finley. State's sponsor is Raleigh-based Red Hat, purveyor of open source operating system Linux, because who would want to pay to see that non-conference schedule.

Notre Dame - The Fighting Irish kits are sponsored by McDonald's, which seems appropriate on multiple levels. Like subway domers, you can find a McDonald's just about anywhere and McDonald's fast-food fare goes down as smooth as Irish football.

Pitt - Both of Pitt's jerseys feature panther claw marks, which make the Panthers look like a bad Arena League team (or I suppose in this case, USL Pro?). Heinz seems as good a corporate sponsor as any, seeing as Heinz ketchup is arguably the greatest thing to come out of the city, ever. Primanti Bros. tho.

Syracuse - On Syracuse's home jersey, Ives took one of Syracuse hoops secondary logos and changed the basketball to a soccer ball, which, cute. Carrier Corporation is now owned by Connecticut-based conglomerate United Technologies; adding to the list of things that (U)Conn(ecticut) owns in Syracuse.

Virginia - To be honest, I can't even tell you what corporate sponsor that is (I'm sure it means something to Virginia grads but I just can't place it). Unmemorable corporate sponsor, just like Virginia football. That secondary logo on the away kit sure is something, though I probably would have tried to work this in instead.

Virginia Tech - The home kit is almost Houston Astros "rainbow guts" jersey-esque. Not coincidentally, Advance Auto Parts are also what make Frank Beamer go.

Wake Forest - Smaller, regional bank few have heard of outside of North Carolina? Yup, Wake Forest. #therivalry

Seriously though, big ups to Kevin -- follow him @AUPPL -- for putting a ton of work into these. I'd buy BC's away jersey and the home one isn't too shabby either.

So how'd you like BC's kits? Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Bonus points for hilarious alternate sponsors.