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Deontae Hawkins to Visit Gonzaga and New Mexico After Decommitting from Boston College Men’s Basketball

Here we go again...

Diamond Head Classic - Tulsa v Illinois Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

A rocky offseason for Boston College men’s basketball is taking yet another ominous turn. After prize transfer Deontae Hawkins announced that he would attend Boston College to complete his last year of eligibility, rumors have swirled around about his possible desire to play elsewhere, though nothing concrete has been reported.

However, over the past few weeks, that has all changed.

Per Jon Rothstein, Hawkins has decommited from Boston College, though the Eagles remain at the top of his list. Rothstein reported that it was Hawkins himself that told him that he had decommitted.

Hawkins, now a free agent once again, appears to be actively searching for a new home. Rothstein reported that Hawkins is visiting both Gonzaga and New Mexico.

The news appears grim for the Eagles. Even though Hawkins has said that, despite his decommitment, BC is still at the top of his list, the fact that Hawkins is still searching has to be of concern to the fanbase. Hawkins had appeared to be the heir-apparent to A.J. Turner, who transferred out following the 2016-17 season. The Hawkins acquisition news also came following a difficult cycle on the recruiting trail for the Eagles, quelling some criticism of the current coaching staff regarding its ability to recruit. If Hawkins ends up elsewhere, however, the Eagles will be left with a skeleton lineup even before the season starts, which will likely lead to another difficult year in ACC play, a result that could prove troublesome for the embattled coaching staff.

We will report on anything we hear moving forward.