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Boston College Men's Basketball vs. Clemson: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Since Jan. 11, the Boston College Eagles have been on an 13 game schnide. The Eagles look to fix that against SyracuseVirginia, North Carolina, Miami, Va. Tech, Wake ForestLouisvillePittsburghGa. TechNotre Dame,Fla. State, Va. Tech (again), Notre Dame (again), Clemson.

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

Notre Dame Beats Down Eagles 82-66

How Did Clemson Do Last Time Out?

Tigers Reverse Fortune, Take Down Wolfpack in Close One, 78-74.

Things To Look Out For With Clemson

  1. Win the Game by Offense: Clemson, statistically, has one of the worst defensive shooting percentages in the league. Since the Eagles have been known to have strong offense, this could be something the Eagles exploit.
  2. Don't Blow Leads: The Eagles have had problems with blowing leads recently. The ability to finish has been a huge hurdle to overcome.
  3. Do #2

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Clemson's Wikipedia Page

Clemson has 18 varsity sports that haven't won an championship recently.

Alcoholic Accompaniment of the Game


Happy spring break all.

Rating the Opposing Mascot

That mascot looks a lot like the Princeton mascot…

Thing to Watch Before Basketball

Hey you! Big sports fan person! The BC women's hockey team is playing in the Hockey East semifinals tomorrow. You should watch it!


I actually really like this matchup. This seems like a game that plays to BC's advantages. I think an upset could be reasonable.

89-88 BC

There are no staff predictions this game. The staff was distracted by hopelessly dissecting possible Pairwise scenarios where BC could get an at-large bid in the NCAA Men's Hockey tournament.