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Boston College Men's Basketball vs. Va. Tech: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Since Jan. 11, the Boston College Eagles have been on an 11 game schnide. The Eagles look to fix that against Virginia Tech

How Did Boston College Do Last Time Out?

FINAL SCORE: Boston College Men's Basketball Loses to Florida State 104-72

How Did Va. Tech Do Last Time Out?

Hokies Come Up With Narrow Win Over Clemson at Home, 71-70

Things To Look Out For With Va. Tech


  1. Don't Come Out Flat: In the Eagles first game against Va. Tech back in January, the Eagles were outscored in the first quarter of the game 28-14. From there, the Eagles won two quarters, and only lost the fourth quarter by two points. The Eagles can't afford to come out flat.
  2. Big game from beyond the arc: The Eagles were able to stay with the Hokies because they had a strong game from beyond the arc. This is a weakness the Eagles can exploit: the Hokies aren't particularly strong defending the three.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Va. Tech's Wikipedia Page

There are 10,059 people in the Engineering college, the oldest at the university.

An Update to Last Game's Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Florida State's Wikipedia Page

Jameis Winston is definitely not the greatest person in the world.

Alcoholic Accompaniment of the Game

Angry Orchard

Not the greatest cider in the world, but it's ok because you're going to be drinking it watching the not greatest basketball team in the world.

Great BC Women’s Athletics Accomplishment We Didn’t Report On

On Feb, 20, the BC women's swimming team, amidst controversy about the institutions's plans to build a recreation complex with improper accommodations for the team, set a new BC record for the women's 200 meter medley. The team of Caroline Quindlen, Taylor Covington, Victoria Lin, and Grace Kunkel set a time of 1.44.46.



Arthur: 90-70 Hokies

Joe: 77-71 BC

Grant: Idk man I don't wanna