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Boston College Lacrosse: Why The Women Are Hosting NCAA Tournament Games

Syracuse is the #4 national seed, but the games are being played at Boston College. We have a reason why.

Elsa/Getty Images

When the NCAA women's lacrosse bracket was announced this weekend, many people noticed a weird setup to one of the brackets. Syracuse earned a first round bye with the fourth overall national seed, but the bracket they played in was to be moved to Boston College, where the Eagles are playing a first round game against Stony Brook.

Per the Syracuse women's lacrosse twitter, this is because there of the number of hotel rooms available in the area due to graduation ceremonies at local schools.

A dozen Central New York institutions will host commencement activities this weekend, including both Syracuse and Colgate, with a half dozen more next weekend. That unquestionably is going to put a strain and premium on hotel capacity in the area.

The city of Boston itself has about 20,000 hotel rooms.

BC defeated Syracuse earlier this year, 13-8, at Newton Campus, where the games will be played.