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Frozen Four Bandwagon Search: The Case for Minnesota-Duluth

Here are all of the reasons why a BC fan should root for Minnesota-Duluth

NCAA Men's Frozen Four - Michigan Wolverines v Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hey you!

If you’re looking at this article, you are searching for a team to care about in the Frozen Four.

Not to worry! We’re on it! We are profiling all of the teams in the Frozen Four based on root-ability. Here’s why you should root for Minnesota-Duluth

1. University of Minnesota Schadenfreude

If Minnesota-Duluth wins the championship this year, it will have won the championship twice in the time since the flagship University of Minnesota last won the championship. Think of all of the sadness amongst U of M fans! The fact that lowly Minnesota-Duluth, the offshoot, has had more success recently than the Mighty Gophers© has got to be a thorn in the side of Gopher fans, and another national championship will just add to it.

Duluth already won the North Star College Cup* this year, cementing its status as the best team in The State of Hockey (puke). An NCAA championship would just add to Gopher fan’s frustrations.

*Of course you don’t know what the North Star College Cup is. You’re a person.

2. They Beat BU

Remember that period of time where we were all freaking out because it seemed like Boston University could potentially play in the Frozen Four? That was scary.

But now, we get to enjoy the Frozen Four, because Minnesota-Duluth took care of business against the Greatest College Hockey Team of All Time.

You see that? Thanks to the Bulldogs, we get to laugh at the Terriers before we cry ourselves to sleep at night because BC missed the tourna- OH GOD WHY COULDN’T THEY WIN ANOTHER GAME.

Heh hem.

Point is, we owe the Bulldogs one.

3. Duluth is a thriving metropolis

Across the St. Louis Bay from Superior, Wisc., Duluth is hardly inferior.

Duluth has an international airport, serving overseas location such as <FILE NOT FOUND>

It also has attractions like the Lake Superior Railroad Museum and the Great Lakes Aquarium.

It’s a great place to visit. For like a day. I’m guessing.

I’m actually not making fun of the railroad museum. That sounds awesome.

4. Duluth Hockey Has Great Twitter People

Every team has great people to follow on Twitter, but Duluth has some truly wonderful people. @runwiththedogs is absolutely hilarious, but is also a really informative follow as well. @BruceCiskie is also another great follow.