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Happy 22nd Anniversary To The Biggest Day In Boston College Hockey History

What might have been?

Twenty-two years ago today, the course of Boston College hockey history changed forever. Former Boston Bruin and current TV blowhard Mike Milbury, who was hired in the offseason of 1994 to take over the Boston College hockey coaching job, shockingly resigned two months in to his tenure without ever having coached a game in Chestnut Hill.

Milbury cited "philosophical differences" with athletic director Chet Gladchuk over the direction of the program and the way it should be run.

BC was placed in a bind, needing to conduct another head coaching search, their second in three months. That search culminated in the school bringing Jerry York home. 1,000+ wins later, that decision seems to have worked out pretty well for all parties involved.

Milbury went on to spend some time with the New York Islanders as, at various points, head coach and general manager, before moving on to spew #HotTakes on NBC Sports Network. In those roles, he's probably best known for trading Zdano Chara and drafting Rick Dipietro.

So, happy anniversary to the day that changed BC hockey history forever. And keep this in mind in the middle of any future tumult: it might lead to something even better.