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Eastern Bias Podcast Episode 64: Settling In To The Offseason

Wasting away again in Eastern Biasville

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Bias Podcast settles in to the offseason with Episode 64, introducing "Eastern Biasville" - our summer podcast series that is sort of about hockey but mostly not really.

This week, Joe talks about his way-too-early rankings of Hockey East, and talks about why he's optimistic about BC's chances to remain a contender next year. There's also some talk about who could rise from the Bottom 6 and contend, and who of last year's tournament teams could drop out of contention.

Joe, Shep and Chris also begin to discuss some of the topics that will get their own show later this summer as part of the Biasville series - soccer, the Jurassic Park movies, obscure music, the Olympics, and more!

Thanks, as always, for listening; to listen to back episodes of Eastern Bias, subscribe on iTunes or visit the podcast's website at

Eastern Bias is an eastern college hockey podcast featuring Joe Gravellese of BC Interruption, Shep Hayes of Bloggin' on Babcock, and College Hockey News' Chris Boulay.