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Ian McCoshen Soon To Sign With Florida Panthers?

Will McCoshen be the next go?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While it wouldn't come as much of a surprise, Ian McCoshen could be the next shoe to drop as the offseason bloodletting continues for Boston College hockey.

There has been a surprising lack of chatter on all fronts about McCoshen, who has generally been considered a slam dunk to turn pro after this season and likely  have a very good chance to contribute next year to the Panthers.

Chris Roy, who covers Florida's AHL affiliate, the Portland Pirates, for the Maine Hockey Journal, weighed on on a question about McCoshen by saying that he expects him to sign as soon as he finishes up classwork at BC, suggesting that he could join the Pirates for the second round of the AHL playoffs should they progress to that point.

This jives with that we've been hearing from various sources and reports, which is that McCoshen accelerated his studies to be able to complete his degree in three years so he can turn pro this summer, but do so with degree in hand. To which we tip our cap, of course.

Because McCoshen has been projected as a three year guy all along this wouldn't sting as much as some of the other departures, but certainly his loss will be a huge blow to the blue line should it come to pass. We'll keep an eye on this story and keep you posted.