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Report: Adam Gilmour To Sign With Minnesota Wild

Another one bites the dust

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough one to take. TSN's Bob McKenzie is reporting that Boston College forward Adam Gilmour will forego his senior season and sign with the Minnesota Wild.

Bob McKenzie


Word out of Boston is that BC forward Adam Gilmour will forgo his senior season to sign with MIN. Gilmour was MIN 4th rder in 2012.

This is the third Boston College player to leave early and sign an NHL contract since the season ended last Thursday at the Frozen Four.

Gilmour's departure comes as a bit of a surprise. He had 26 points in 41 games this season, and was a steady contributor despite not necessarily jumping out as a superstar. That said, he has an NHL frame at 6'3'' and likely projects to be a solid bottom-6 forward for a good NHL team.

This loss stings for BC for next season. BC is fortunate that superstar players tend to grow on trees when you recruit the way Jerry York does, but solid upperclassman contributors like Adam Gilmour are essential in constructing a championship team. This really hurts the Eagles' depth for next year and will make them more reliant on freshman scoring - the dillemma that many power programs have repeatedly found themselves in.

Congratulations to Adam and best of luck with the Wild!