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2016 NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament Bracket: Filling Out Bracket Based On Mascot Fights To Death

No one told me I should do this. Then again, no one told me I specifically could not.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The tournament brackets for the NCAA Division I Men's Hockey Tournament have been set and this year's tournament gets underway this Friday. Don't forget to join BCI Interruption's College Hockey Bracket Pool.

Alas, as an employee of a member school of the NCAA, I'm prohibited from wagering on any sport that the NCAA sponsors, including, obviously, the men's hockey tournament. Since I can't fill out a bracket, I figured I'd get a bit creative this year in filling out my bracket.

So, here's what the NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament bracket would look like if real-life mascots fought to the death. This is serious business.

Some notes:

-- Because college nicknames are incredibly original, we end up with a number of bird of prey vs. dog matchups. Who the heck wins here? Attempts to google "hawk vs. bulldog" videos proved futile. Just going to assume that the dogs will prove victorious.

-- The edge typically goes to humans over animals, but aren't friars pacifists?

-- In the battle of what state is less fake between St. Cloud State and Ferris State, I once again had to go back to the YouTubes. This husky really took it to that bulldog and DEAR GOD WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING PEOPLE are you serious right now. The bulldogs also received a 2-minute minor for Too Many Dogs on the Ice, so.

-- A River Hawk is not real. Point, Yale.

-- I'd pay to watch a leprechaun fight a dog I really would.

Frozen Four

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