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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Men’s Hockey Comes Away With 1-1 Tie Against Ferris State

Short-staffed Eagles couldn’t break through for the win

2012 NCAA Division I Men's Hockey Championship Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Playing down 6 players, the Eagles went into the Three Rivers Classic hoping to escape with at least a win to mitigate the Pairwise damage. Unfortunately, Boston College ran into a hot goalie against Ferris State on Friday night and could only come away with a 1-1 tie against Ferris State, finishing 0-1-1 on the weekend.

Ferris State Goal #1: 0:14 of the 1st period
Corey Mackin (Jared VanWormer, Ryan Lowney)

FSU 1, BC 0

The Eagles got off to a rough start with Ferris State grabbing the lead right off the drop of the puck. A harmless slapshot from the blue line was steered aside by Ryan Edquist, but right onto the stick of Ryan Mackin. Mackin put home the rebound, and the Bulldogs had the 1-0 lead.

From that point on, the Eagles had target practice on Ferris State goalie Justin Kapelmaster, putting up a total of 59 (!) shots in the game, 40 of which came in the first 40 minutes. But it was one of those hot goaltender games, and the Eagles just couldn’t get the goal they needed.

That is, until Big Game Kim brought BC level with just a few minutes to spare.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 15:13 of the 3rd period
Michael Kim (Luke McInnis, Chris Calnan)


It took a 5 on 3, but BC finally broke through. Ferris State’s Jaren VanWormer had just rejoined the play so it was technically a 5 on 4, but BC took the few seconds of extra open space to set up Kim with a shooting lane.

Kim wound up for a back-scratching slapshot that found its way all the way through, and finally, at long last, Kapelmaster was beaten.

The Eagles kept peppering Kapelmaster for the rest of the game, but that was all BC could muster. After a last second chance trickled wide in overtime, BC skated away with a disappointing draw.

After a 0-1-1 weekend with 5 skaters away at World Juniors, that’s going to put a serious dent in the Eagles’ NCAA tournament prospects. Perhaps it’s time for BC to rethink their participation in these tournaments.

In the meantime, the second half is rapidly approaching, and there is no shortage of opportunities for BC to get back on the right foot. The next three games are against Providence, Boston University, and Boston University — opportunity, indeed.