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Boston College Hockey reveals new gold jerseys for 2016-17

BC debuts the new look today vs. Arizona State

Beanpot BC Interruption

Boston College has been teasing it all week via Twitter, and today it was unveiled: Boston College’s new gold jerseys, to be debuted this afternoon against Arizona State:

The jersey features the same “mustard gold” color that was on BC’s two popular gold jersey designs that came before: the 2012 diagonal “Eagles” jersey that BC wore in the national championship game, and the 2014 gold jersey with block “Boston College” lettering written across the front.

This year, the design features an Eagle on the front of the jersey, harkening back to jerseys of the days of yore, but with the style of Eagle that BC has been using since their “slanted logo” days began.

I have to admit that I have to give these a B- at best. The color scheme and the design elements are good, but I just don’t like that cartoonish Eagle. The old school Eagle would have made it perfect, or maybe the vintage interlocking BC.

Ultimately, nothing could really live up to the new women’s gold jerseys for this year, which are freakin’ phenomenal:

That said, if BC goes out and wins some trophies in these bad boys, they will be forever beloved. So let’s make it happen!