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$1,448 pledged to BARCC so far: There’s still time to make your Dollars for Goals pledge!

Walter Rossini

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of college hockey fans, $1,448 has been pledged to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center this weekend - and this is before the BC-ASU game even faces off. Currently, BC fans have pledged over $200 per BC goal today, so a big day could rack up over $1,000 more!

If you would like to join in the Dollars for Goals pledge in time for today’s BC vs. Arizona State game, go to this spreadsheet, enter your pledge ($X per BC goal) and come back tonight to follow the donation link and fulfill your pledge.

Here are the current donations. If your pledge is listed in BOLD that means your event is over and it’s time to make your donation when you can! When you make your donation, please mention BC Interruption or Dollars for Goals.